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Thread: Molecule 01

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    Enjoy this one... Get a cedar chip vibe. Plays hide and seek throughout the day. When you do catch a whiff its heaven. I'd recommend purchasing it vice turning your home into a science lab
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    If you can smell it good luck.

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    This fragrance will always have a place in my heart. It was one of the very first NICHE scent in my collection and if I recall, I came on BN for the first time touting how great this stuff was. I think I had a chip on my shoulder at the time. PalmBeach and Hippo set me straight. lol....I was a jackass and Palm and Hippo made sure I knew my place. Wasn't one of my best days but fast forward a couple of years now and it's still in my collection while many I have sold already. Can't find it in my heart to let it go. Just a great simple scent for me. I also love and own Escentric 02 which has this amazing iris note that seems to harbor even more compliments than Molecule 01 (Not to say I wear fragrances to garner compliments, but ultimately you will get one or two with this one.)
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