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    Default Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    In the August of 2011 I bought a pricey scent with my own money for the first time. I didn't know Basenotes existed and had never checked any fragrance review. I went to a departmental store and smelled a dozen fragrances before deciding on a 75ml bottle of Terre d' Hermes pure perfume. The peppery-orange kick was unique. I got bored of it in two weeks, and wanted to add variety to my wardrobe. I again went to the store and bought a 100ml bottle of Dolce and Gabbana pour homme. I had a couple of aftershaves, and was settled for the next 6 months.

    As the summer of 2012 kicked in, I suddenly felt the urge to get myself more fragrances. Plus, I discovered safe places to shop online where I'd get discounts. Trying to do research on what to buy, I kept viewing videos on youtube, and stumbling across basenotes. I eventually opened an account here and started using the site.

    Over the next few months I went on a buying spree, fueled by a growing interest in fragrances and some cash to burn. Discounts acted as catalysts now and then. There were scents purchased after a lot of research, bought on impulse, and a few blind buys. This trend continued till October, when I decided enough was enough, and brought an end to my wardrobe extension. I now owned 20+ scents of different styles from different designer houses. Fast forward to February 2013, and I'm trying to put things into perspective. I'm happy about my collection and also my decision to stop adding to it. I have a few things to share and a few stories to tell, so I'd utilise the space below. Please remember that everything that I say is purely my personal opinion on the matter.

    -It is important to keep in mind that users and collectors have different perspectives when it comes to buying scents. I realised after a while that I have none of the money, time, love and care it takes to be a collector. For a user, a wardrobe of 5-6 scents is probably good enough but one may like to have a bit more.

    -It is a better idea to have a wardrobe of 5 scents that I love rather than a collection of 20 scents that I like.

    -Sampling is important. Blind buying is essentially exhibiting your collector side (which is again not a bad thing depending on your objective). Of my entire collection, the only blind buys were Jazz, M7 and Rive Gauche. I love M7 and Rive Gauche, and like Jazz.

    -Reviews are useful, but shouldn't be decisive. 50 positives reviews on basenotes are more indicative than a single rave review on youtube, because it is unlikely that 50 individuals would be having the same kind of personal bias. On the downside, the scent YOU love the most in the world could be the one loathed by everyone else, so it is important to check out the fragrance for yourself. I mostly use reviews to check how long-lasting a fragrance is- I believe this is one aspect of any fragrance which is less subjective. When you love a fragrance upon sampling even though it has many negative reviews on how it smells (longevity aside), you've probably discovered a personal gem.

    -It is helpful to know one's tastes and preferences, but sometimes this leads to concentration of too many fragrances of the same type/genre. Sometimes, that might be a bit monotonous.

    -It is probably not a good idea from a user perspective to buy a scent one finds pleasant just because it is offered at 40% discount.

    -As a user, it is probably not a good idea to chase a rare-to-find or discontinued scent unless it has been a signature scent for some time.

    -In general, relying on sales staff is like relying on oneself to swim across the Atlantic. They hardly know anything, and want to sell everything. All scents are fabulous, superbly long-lasting and the newer (often, also more expensive) versions or launches are better. It would make you a connoisseur of fashion and a perfect fit for the contemporary times. It is always a dominant strategy for a sales person to push all products and highly praise all of them.

    -I have high regards for Dior and YSL. I haven't come across any brand or house I'd call 'bad'.

    -I'm yet to try a niche. I hope to, someday.

    -It's a good idea to look around for lower prices on a scent you actually want to buy, but there's something called too low a price. As they say, if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn't.

    All in all, I feel that I can do well without some of the scents that I have, because I don't wear them that often. Most of these were purchased because I found the reviews overwhelming and the prices attractive. Looking back, I wouldn't buy them. But I have also benefited a lot from using all the available resources, and basenotes has been the most helpful. I'd like to say 'thank you!' to all of you here for your comments and suggestions and the reviews. Cheers!
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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    Thanks for sharing. I'm afraid once you start there is no going back......
    Some fragrances will grow on you, and some others you will just want to have around.
    Being as selective as possible does help keep things from getting out of hand.)

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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    Nise story thanks for sharing your expirience
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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    Good post.
    My own experiences are very similar, and I agree with just about everything you have said.
    The only real difference is that I bought most of my frags used from ebay so spent a lot less than I would have done otherwise.

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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    We know what you mean bro! This fragrance thing is full of ups and downs. Mostly ups!
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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    A very interesting viewpoint from personal experience.

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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by freewheelingvagabond View Post

    -It is a better idea to have a wardrobe of 5 scents that I love rather than a collection of 20 scents that I like.
    Amen to that although most of us have fallen into the trap of buying many fragrances we "like" rather than saving our money and buying a few that we feel we can't live without.

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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to control myself.

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    Default Re: Sharing with You My Fragrance Experience

    As a beginner, I'm very much focussed on not letting this get out of hand, sampling as much as possible, so my wardrobe will be solid but varied

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