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    Default Article: Frédéric Malle kicks of new series with fragrance for designer, Dries van Noten

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    Default Re: Article: Frédéric Malle kicks of new series with fragrance for designer, Dries van Noten

    Hmm. An expansion of the scent vision of Malle that now includes one
    "other" person whose vision must be interpreted by a duo.

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    sounds very very nice!!! Want it!

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    Looking forward to reading the interview.

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    Great marketing. The notes and the combination sound boring, but I trust that the fragrance will smell great (too).

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    I moved to Antwerp recently to study and Dries van Noten has the most beautiful store here in town. If you know Antwerp you kind of know and understand Dries van Noten as a designer I think. In that way I'm not expecting anything too interesting as a perfume translation because the core of his designs is unpretentious elegance but I would have liked them to do a perfume in relation to his color approach e.g. since he said he likes to use unusual and almost ugly colors and combination and tries to make them work somehow. This could have been an interesting point of view to create a perfume from... this however sounds rather safe and focused on the somewhat aristocratic side of van Noten's designs. Safe and distinct sensuality.
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    I agree with sin_is_in. I too really like van Noten's work and visiting his Antwerp store was quite an experience back in 1997. However, the description of the perfume sounds overly safe in representing a designer who over the years has been taking quite a few risks in making the artfully awkward look desirable and elegant. And I also agree with L'Aventurier: surely the perfume will smell nice ... but honestly the description makes me feel a bit indifferent.

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    I'm intrigued by the mention of Santal Mysore - looks like it is coming back on stream earlier than expected after the ban on harvesting (or just plain lack of trees). I like the menage a trois concept - opens things up a bit to have Malle and a project based perfumer working to a concept - he is putting himself on the line here, great! Can't wait to try this.

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    I love Dries Van Noten and wish I could afford his clothes - can't wait to sample the scent. My take on his work is sort of deluxe hippy, elegant and original.

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    I must say, I can't quite see the necessity of Malle being a part of this project. A designer frag, and a nose that's not one of Malle's either. I guess just slapping Malle's name on the thing is a way to add extra status (and price-points) to the line, but aside from that, it all kind of sounds like the normal designer gig to me.

    Not that the stuff won't be nice, but I'm still not clear as to why Malle needs to be a part of it. It sounds more like they are simply pimping out their name to various designers, which I can't really see as a step foreword for their previously-established image.

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    Birdboy48 - Malle and Jovanovic have worked together before on 3 of his candles... Chez Monsieur, Notre Dame and Marius et Jeanette.
    Apparently Ropion and Roucel both had gone for the brief but Jovanovic was closest to the right direction in Malle's mind.

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    I have just tried it in Liberty London and take my hat to this scent, very nice indeed!

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