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    Default Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Hi chaps,
    I'd appreciate your input and ideas. The thing spinning around in my head would be an incense on a background of vanilla and amber mainly, no florals necessary. In fact I am not thinking too far off Angelique Encens, however my sample had a screamingly synthetic tuberose note that was disgusting, but the idea of the incense and vanilla was right. I know we are also approaching the so-called first reformulation of Messe de Minuit (not the current) here, which was candle waxy, vanilla-y. Tea for Two is not what I am looking for. The old Shalimar Extrait in its drydown belongs here too, I know. Any other suggestions for me?
    Thank you all in advance!

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanille Orientale

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Amber Absolute
    Ambre Sultan
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Halston Man Amber is what you are looking for I think. It reminds me of a cross between Gucci I, M7 with some DHI thrown in. Also Eau des Baux by L'Occitane might work too.

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Check out Eau des Baux by L' Occitane.
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Check out John Varvatos 10th Anniversary.

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    Check out Eau des Baux by L' Occitane.
    Agree! It's great.

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Onde Mystere. The rose is almost non-existent in it.
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Annayake Miyako
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Well, although it's amber first, then vanilla and (frank)incense second, I'll use any opportunity to suggest Profumi del Forte Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    Check out Eau des Baux by L' Occitane.
    Great choice

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Quote Originally Posted by sjg3839 View Post
    Check out Eau des Baux by L' Occitane.
    My first thought was Eau des Baux, too. Inexpensive but smells wonderful. The grooming products are also great in this scent line.

    Top Note: Pink pepper, Cardamom
    Middle Note: Cyprus, Incense
    Base Note: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

    You can also try Estee Lauder/Aerin Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang. (This is sold as a women's scent, but I find it a unisex gourmand.)

    Top Notes
    Ylang Absolute
    Italian Bergamot
    Geranium Oil

    Middle Notes
    Bulgarian Rose Absolute
    Cinnamon Ceylon

    Base Notes

    Vanilla Bean
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    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Shaal Nur has amazing contrast between dry incense and warm base with guerlinade vibe to it. Atleast the second version (the one with red box and oval sticker) is astonishingly good. Eau des Baux fits the description perfectly but isn't in my view on the same level as the Etro.

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    I don't get any amber in Eau Des Baux, rather just vanilla, cardamom, pepper, tonka (more in the dry down) and a slight amount of incense. I'd recommend this more for a vanilla person, not for what OP is looking for.

    I would say Amber Absolute is the perfect answer. Lots of amber, lots of incense, and vanilla. Personally. I don't care for it, because the amber is strong in it.
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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Molinard's Ambre is one to try that can be found cheap online.

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Thank you all for your suggestions! It will be easy to try Eau des Baux as I figured there are a few stores downtown. I'm working my way through the others. I agree, I remember Amber Absolute being too ambery, but tastes change...

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    By Kilian Amber Oud seems like what you are looking for

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    Default Re: Ambery-vanilla incense?

    Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles

    "Hermès L’Ambre des Merveilles Eau de Parfum includes notes of amber, labdanum, vanilla and patchouli." from Bois de Jasmine
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