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    Default Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    Any aftershaves that smell like bubblegum, not mint but something sweet.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    Hanae Mori HM

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    Default Re: Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    Personally, I think Armani Code Sport fits the bill. Sweet bubble gum smell with an "aftershave-esque" dry down. Supposedly there's mint in this one. But I have never pulled that note myself. Quite a nice frag, however, it doesn't get any love here that's for sure. Try it out for yourself, most Macy's/Nordstrom/etc will have samples on hand.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    If you are in UK. Got to Marks & Spencer and buy 'Homme' £6.00 for 30ml and is 95% identical to 1 Million and with a real Bubblegum vibe

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    Default Re: Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    Check out Givenchy Pi Neo. They've got a gift set with a 100 ml EDT and a 100 ml aftershave in it, and it can be had for pretty cheap. A really nice, sweet vanilla fragrance.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Bubblegum aftershave

    One million's aftershave is really not too bad. its a lot less sweet but more of a hint of bubble gum.
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