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Thread: Yuzu note

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    Default Yuzu note

    Other than L'eau D'issey PH...what other fragrance have a prominent Yuzu note that are worth sampling??


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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Caron Yuzu Man
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Apart from Yuzu Man, these also have a strong yuzu note:

    Eau de Cartier
    Parfumerie Générale Yuzu Ab Irato
    Parfum d'Empire Yuzu Fou
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    +1 for Yuzu Man.
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    +2 for Yuzu Man.

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    I read that Yuzu Man have very poor longevity?

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Azzaro pour Homme L'Eau has a nice yuzu note. It might be worth testing. It's reasonably priced.

    - or -

    +1 for Eau de Cartier . . . it has a nice yuzu opening, but overall the fragrance is on the lighter side.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Apologies in advance but there are just some things that Fragrantica does better I'm afraid:

    Perfumes and Colognes With Yuzu

    Bright Crystal Versace
    L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake
    tok'yo mama Smell Bent
    Cold Silver Benetton
    L`Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme Limited Edition Kenzo
    Still Life Olfactive Studio
    BCBGirls Metro Max Azria
    Jil Sander Sport Water for Women Jil Sander
    L`Eau d`Issey Pour Homme Summer Eau de Toilette Issey Miyake
    L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo
    Les Nuits D'Izu Keiko Mecheri
    Colette JoAnne Bassett
    Burberry Brit Sheer Burberry
    Pink Tonic Azzaro
    Apparition Pink Emanuel Ungaro
    Marc Jacobs Splash Fig Marc Jacobs
    Incanto Essential Pour Homme Salvatore Ferragamo
    L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Eau d'Ete 2011 Issey Miyake
    Nautica Aqua Rush Nautica
    Black Sun Sport Salvador Dali
    That's Amore! Lei Gai Mattiolo
    Eau de Fleur de Yuzu Kenzo
    Aigner Black Etienne Aigner
    4711 Nouveau Cologne Maurer & Wirtz
    IF Apothia
    It Is Pinky Arno Sorel
    Love MCMC Fragrances
    Shades of Dusk Moro Blood Orange Joya
    L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Eau de Toilette L'Ete Issey Miyake
    Quartz pour Homme Molyneux
    Flight Of Fancy Anna Sui
    Eau de Cartier Concentree Cartier
    Mandarin Mist Stila
    Slate Eau Fraiche Banana Republic
    Yuzu Man Caron
    Burberry Summer for Men 2010 Burberry
    Nikos Sculpture Fresh Blue Nikos
    Burberry Summer for Men 2011 Burberry
    Vera Wang for Men Vera Wang
    L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Edition Bois Issey Miyake
    L`eau d`Issey Eau D`Ete Summer Edition for Men Issey Miyake
    Eau de Cartier Cartier
    Hanae Keiko Mecheri
    True Faith Hill
    Pearl Apothia
    L`Eau d`Issey Pour Homme Summer Glimmer Issey Miyake
    Zohar Ayala Moriel
    Ghost Summer Flirt Ghost
    Burberry Summer Men 2009 Burberry
    Yuzu Rouge Parfums 06130
    PG09 Yuzu Ab Irato Parfumerie Generale
    Loewe 7 Natural Loewe
    Lulu Rose Lulu Castagnette
    Sugar Lemon Fresh
    Amazing JoAnne Bassett
    DKNY Men Summer 2012 Donna Karan
    Agua de Loewe Loewe
    Nuance Roberto Capucci
    Hologram Neil Morris
    Sage & Citrine Sage Machado
    Eau Belle D'Azzaro Azzaro
    L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense Issey Miyake
    Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois Cartier
    Gotham Neil Morris
    Eau de The Vert Roger & Gallet
    Masaki Aqua Platinum Masaki Matsushima
    Romeo Gigli Man Romeo Gigli
    Girl 2 GianMarco Venturi
    Night Perry Ellis
    Flowing Free Women Puma
    Bazar pour Homme Christian Lacroix
    Exotic Passionfruit Mary Kay
    Nooka Nooka
    Strawberry Flowers Fresh
    Sphinx Hommage a Greta Garbo Gres
    Versus Time For Energy Versace
    Lagerfeld Men Karl Lagerfeld
    Deseo Jennifer Lopez
    Bancha DSH Perfumes
    Bai Alfred Sung
    Mouse Cologne Roccobarocco
    Cyan DSH Perfumes
    Sonata Flower Esteban
    RubyLips Salvador Dali
    Sasora DI SER
    Green Tea Camellia Elizabeth Arden
    Donna Trussardi 2011 Trussardi
    Deseo for Men Jennifer Lopez
    The Vert Roger & Gallet
    Ocean Bath and Body Works
    Tokyo Smile Masaki Matsushima
    Adidas Ice Dive Adidas
    Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau Azzaro
    Green Tea Lotus Elizabeth Arden
    Hot Play Lacoste
    Twice Pour Homme Iceberg
    Rykiel Homme Grey Sonia Rykiel
    N.Y. Chic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Paul Smith Man Paul Smith
    'Ume Saffron James
    Un Jardin a Paris Jean Couturier
    Be ... Kissable! Avon
    Be Trendy Fusion Dzintars
    Fly High Woman Mexx
    Chopard pour Homme Chopard
    Incanto Bliss Salvatore Ferragamo
    Azzura Azzaro
    Eau d'Ete 2005 l'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake
    Agua de Loewe El Loewe
    Siam Proun Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes
    Herve Leger Homme Avon
    Summer Day Cindy Crawford
    Royal Lotus Anya`s Garden
    Ladies Lee Cooper Originals
    Cockpit Azzaro
    Little Kiss Cherry Salvador Dali
    Rykiel Woman Eau de Toilette Sonia Rykiel
    Emporio Armani For Him 2008 Giorgio Armani
    Remember Me Dior
    Wish Pure Chopard
    Cheap & Chic Moschino
    Trussardi Inside for men Trussardi
    Opus 1870 Penhaligon`s
    Fig Aftelier
    Aqua Composita Umami Florascent
    Swiss Army Victorinox Swiss Army
    Emporio Armani Lui Giorgio Armani
    Hiroshima mon Amour Nez a Nez
    Tamya Ayala Moriel
    Ulysse Vicky Tiel
    Cabotine Green Summer Gres
    Tre Tendre Roccobarocco
    Pavarotti Donna Luciano Pavarotti
    Belle en Rykiel Eau de Toillete Sonia Rykiel
    Aguazul de Loewe Loewe
    Yuzu Fou Parfum d`Empire
    Eclat d`Orient Isabel Derroisne
    Samourai Pinkberry Alain Delon
    Happy Spirit Magical Nights Chopard
    Jaipur Saphir Boucheron
    Royal Desire Christina Aguilera
    Osmanthus Oolong Providence Perfume
    Rykiel Homme Sonia Rykiel
    Invigorating Boadicea the Victorious
    Speedlife Man Tom Tailor
    Dark Mistress JoAnne Bassett
    Adventure Quasar Jesus Del Pozo
    Aigner pour Homme Etienne Aigner
    B Bogner Woman Bogner
    FvsS: Composition No. 6 Joya
    Noa Dream Cacharel
    Cabotine Floralisme Gres
    Vocalise Shiseido
    Urban Motion for Her Puma
    Tempore Uomo Laura Biagiotti
    Luluforever Lulu Castagnette
    Daytona 500 Elizabeth Arden
    Adidas Moves Pulse Him Adidas
    Suede Edition Women Etienne Aigner
    Puma Limited Edition Woman Puma
    Clear Day Etienne Aigner
    Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Yohji Yamamoto
    Kirra Yellow Pacsun
    Casual Women s.Oliver
    Light Her Trussardi
    Adidas 3 Man Adidas
    Lei Flower Providence Perfume
    MV Madeleine Vionnet
    Samourai Woman Alain Delon
    In Leather Man Etienne Aigner
    I Love Me Pop Vinyl Chupa Chups
    Vizzari Femme Roberto Vizzari
    Enchant Parfum JoAnne Bassett
    Te Verde Adolfo Dominguez
    Artisan Collection Wings Sarah Horowitz Parfums
    Alegria Adolfo Dominguez
    AB Spirit Lomani
    Iquita Alain Delon
    Beartrapper D.S. & Durga
    Eau de Cartier Concentree Edition Limitee 2007 Cartier
    Esprit for my Fantasy Esprit
    Alegria Hombre Adolfo Dominguez
    Gant Summer 2009 Gant
    Happiology Yuzu Mint Illume
    Tahitian Yuzu Illuminum
    Agua de Bambu Adolfo Dominguez
    Shigenobu Twilight Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng
    Identite Rene Lezard
    Iris DI SER
    Leotie Tallulah Jane
    Club Sergio Tacchini
    Zoa Night Perfume Parfums Regine
    I Love Me Urban Groove Chupa Chups
    Perfect Hope Sarah Horowitz Parfums
    Envolee de Freesia Delarom
    Adidas 3 Frozen Adidas
    Lilas Mauve Jean Couturier
    Woodlawn Augustina
    POGOPOGO Limited Jo Kemby POGOPOGO
    Diana DI SER
    Light Him Trussardi
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Sure you got enough?

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    The Yuzu in L'Eau is very honey-metallic, the actual citric is very different and it would probably dissapoint you, but who knows!
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    The op asked for examples of scents with a prominent yuzu note, not any, and every perfume with yuzu in the pyramid.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Quote Originally Posted by voodoodanny View Post
    Apologies in advance but there are just some things that Fragrantica does better I'm afraid:

    Perfumes and Colognes With Yuzu...
    Wow, I guess catlettsl has one or two to choose from!!!!
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    The op asked for examples of scents with a prominent yuzu note, not any, and every perfume with yuzu in the pyramid.
    Thank you, I am aware of this as a result of my astounding ability to read. It was a bit of fun.

    I wanted to re-mention Paul Smith Man actually, at a glance it's the only one I own from the list and the yuzu is quite notable in it.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Also Caron Troisieme homme has a prominent yuzu note up top, though then it becomes something else. Caron Yuzu is good but not very long lasting, as some have said. But that's common for citruses, they don't last.


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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    Caron Yuzu Man

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    i picke up these gummy yuzu candies at the asian market a month ago,,,they were awesome
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Quote Originally Posted by Dane77 View Post
    Parfum d'Empire Yuzu Fou
    Excellent stuff.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Burberry Summer 2009 has an amazing yuzu note in it.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    +1 for Caron Yuzu Man - I actually am in the minority and love the scent, but the longevity does leave you wanting...

    But I'd say also find/look for Kenneth Cole Reaction T-Shirt cologne. It also has a very soft yuzu note way up front that lasts a bit longer than Yuzu Man, but is still somewhat fleeting too.

    In fact... that's gonna be my SOTD.
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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    I find the initial yuzu blast of Vera Wang for Men very pleasing, and although I really like the whole fragrance, would like to find something that has more of the top notes prominent for longer.

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    I second especially L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme Kenzo and would also add Kenzo pour Homme.

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    Default Re: Yuzu note

    Diptyque Oyédo
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