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    I read a few places that it's unisex. This little shop had this and gucci pour homme. I bought the gph 100ml for $50. So I'm pretty sure he'll come off the edp cheap. The batch for gph was from 2009. It doesnt project that much though. What's the edp for women like?

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    Default Re: gucci eau du parfum

    Never tried it. If you purchase it, let us know your take on it.

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    Here is a mini-review I wrote about Gucci EDP (the brown juice) a few years ago:

    This is not as floral as the notes would lead you to believe. The floral notes are more dusky and dark rather than sweet and heady to me. It is more herbal than spicy, almost just a touch masculine. Don't be afraid of the cumin, it's just a light touch, so no BO notes here. Although cumin usually plays very nicely on my skin and doesn't leave that dreaded BO note that some get. There is something slightly medicinal here too, is it the patchouli? Whatever it is, it keeps the vanilla from getting too sweet. The undercurrent of musk keeps everything grounded and close to the skin. I would say the sillage is low, the lasting power is moderate.

    I love the bottle, it's SO serious! It doesn't really hint at the sexiness inside.

    notes include:
    topnotes: orris, heliotrope, orange blossom
    heartnotes: cictus, cumin, thyme
    basenotes: patchouli, vanilla, deep musk
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