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    Default Body sprays/prefumes

    Suggest me best 5 body sprays/ Perfumes thanks

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    Default Re: Body sprays/prefumes

    You want to be a little more specific? What scents do you like? What notes do you like? What is important to you? Just smell? Longevity? Sillage? How old are you? Are you looking for a signature scent, or just some stuff to wear? When you say body spray are you expecting us to recommend Axe?
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    Default Re: Body sprays/prefumes

    My favorite Axe is "Music". It's almost a ringer for Tuscan Leather but with cedar instead of raspberry, pretty audacious I'd say for a mainstream body spray. Dark Temptation is quite nice. Twist is a pretty good citrus. None of these sprays are clinkers, really, but longevity, depth, and character, aren't the best with any of them.
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    Default Re: Body sprays/prefumes

    Look into the Axe sprays. Old spice has stepped their game up a little also.
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    Default Re: Body sprays/prefumes

    Quote Originally Posted by frug View Post
    but longevity, depth, and character, aren't the best with any of them.
    That's their downfall IMO.

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    Default Re: Body sprays/prefumes

    Axe sprays and Bod sprays are ok but I don't get any kind of longevity from them. I prefer good old EDPs myself.
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