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    Default Masculine Florals

    As I've been venturing into the world of scent, I've been semi-consciously targeting specific groups to help my collection grow. Earlier in the winter it was gourmands, lately it has been citruses and incense, and now I have moved to gloss over the world of masculine florals. I've noticed after wearing Invasion Barbare and Reflection Man that florals are not something to be afraid of, and do not make a fragrance feminine (as it is thought by most outside of the fragrance world).

    So, I was wondering, outside of the two I mentioned, what masculine florals should I try? I'm not a huge fan of tuberose (as seen by Beyond Love by Kilian), so perhaps omit that. IB and RM on the other hand I love, if that helps.

    EDIT: I probably should mention I also own and like Windsor and a sample of Noir de Noir. Oh, and I also own Neroli Portofino and like it a lot (don't really need another neroli though).
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