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    Default Question about the provenance of fragrances

    I am contacting a seller about a bottle of a certain fragrance. The seller originally made claims about how it was stored (for 9 years stored in a dark place), but as it turns out, the seller bought it from someone else who made those claims.

    Of course now I'm unsure that the fragrance was stored that way - there's no way for me to know before shelling out cash, and the seller really has no way to know either.

    How do you handle this?

    (Also a side question: how do you know how much fragrance there is in a non-transparent bottle?)

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    Default Re: Question about the provenance of fragrances

    Well, your exactly right. You don't know if the claims are true and I would have to think twice about buying. Your other question...if it's frosted then you can hold a flashlight up behind it and see. Other than that, if you knew the weight of the bottle alone it would be easy, but you don't,so, you will have to use the first method or shake and guestimate?
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    Default Re: Question about the provenance of fragrances

    You're right. I'd say risk only the amount you can afford as a loss. Consider if this is a rare gem, vintage, collectible, great price...too good to be true, etc.
    You do the best you can using your best judgment.

    For the second question, other than using a very bright light, weighing would be the most accurate and safest method. In case of a truly opaque bottle, I've read that exposing it to cold and considering the condensation/fogginess level on the bottle might be another method of detecting liquid levels. I don't know how safe or damaging that may be to the quality of the juice though.
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    Default Re: Question about the provenance of fragrances

    It's a gamble for sure. You have to decide if you are willing to take it.

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