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    Default - Any experience with their products?

    Hello everybody,

    I want to start making my own perfumes, in the beginning just simple blends with maybe 2-5 ingredients, but of highest quality. Now I am looking for a supplier where I can buy my oils. Enfleurage seems to be very good. I have their Omani Frankincense and I quite like it, but I have no other oil to compare it with, only a alcohol-diluted Frankincense-sample from

    So my question is: Is Enfleurage really that good how I think and what experiences did you make with their products?

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    Default Re: - Any experience with their products?

    I work right near their NYC store, and imo they have pretty good stuff. They boast about their process (ala their name), and the duplicates i've gotten from there vs other providers seem to be good quality.

    Their Rosewood is much "fuller" than what I've gotten elsewhere.
    They have a great Japanese Mint, that seems to be pretty unique.

    They are fairly pricey, though.

    Fair warning… i'm definitely on the novice end of the scale on these forums. So hopefully others will weigh in too.

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    Default Re: - Any experience with their products?

    I've ordered from them and will do so again. They are expensive without a doubt. I have ordered from Eden Botanicals and from White Lotus Aromatics as well. Their products and services are of good to high quality.

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    Default Re: - Any experience with their products?

    Enfleurage uses boutique distillers of natural materials, and distills some themselves out of country. Their Products are very nice. Others have mentioned issues of affordability.
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