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    Default Barneys Dallas alternative

    I've relied on Barneys for my niche fragrance wants/needs in the DFW area. With it closing, I'm wondering where you guys are going in the DFW area to fulfill your niche fragrance needs. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    Is the Neiman Marcus flagship store in Dallas?

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative


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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    Neiman Marcus at NorthPark has a very extensive fragrance section in which a number of the niche lines (Creed, MFK, Clive Christian, Tom Ford, e.g.) are well represented. Frederic Malle's line can be found at the 4510 boutique on McKinney Ave.

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    How sad, I have some nice memories at the Barney's in Dallas. It was always quiet and everyone was polite.

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    4510 is probably the best alternative now. Thomas, the best SA from Barneys, is now at 4510. They currently carry Malle, Diptyque, Nasomatto, Arquiste, Olfactive Studio, Escentric Molecules and some others I'm sure I'm forgetting. I'm hoping Thomas is able to bring in some other lines and build up their fragrance department...I think that's the plan anyway.

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    How I miss the Dallas Barneys...

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    Neiman's and Nordstrom's aren't bad at all. Not what Barney's was but same location, essentially.

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    Default Re: Barneys Dallas alternative

    I can vouch for Dylan at Forty Five Ten as well. He's very knowledgeable, super helpful and generous with samples. Beautiful store as well.
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