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    Default First spray on new bottle smell different?

    I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on the if the first spray of a new bottle smells any different than normal. Also I guess if you have a bottle that you haven't sprayed in a long time. I noticed this on two of my fragrances recently. On my new bottle of Guerlain heritage, the first few sprays I got a lot of patchouli. Then the patch died down noticeably. My Cool Water had a sour smell the first couple of sprays.

    I don't know if some of the ingredients just settle to the bottom or there is a little juice that is not as fresh that has been laying in the tube. Probably just in my head though.

    Anyone else feel this way?

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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?

    I have similar experience when I purchased a new bottle of Egoiste (EDT) from chanel website. The first few sprays just smelled bitter, almost smelled like spit, different from the ones I tested at the store. I'm not sure if there's a scientific explanation for this, but after a few wearings, the scent (or the notes) finally settled and my Egoiste finally smells glorious, just the way I remember it.

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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?

    Never had that problem.

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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?

    Both those bottles have been purchased through amazon. Maybe they have been sitting around I a hot warehiuse, truck, etc.

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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?

    All the sprays smell the same.

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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?

    I haven't noticed this with any of mine. I know this i a little different, but many say that Creed fragrances get better after air is introduced into the bottle by priming the spray mechanism, ie, after you use it the first time. Although, the Creed thing supposedly evolves over a few years, so this would not explain what you have experienced.
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    Default Re: First spray on new bottle smell different?


    We'd need a perfumer to explain whether notes bend seamlessly or float around on different layers like oil and water.

    Personally,I've never had this happen to me.
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