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    Default want to buy a sample of black afgano

    Anyone willing to sell me a sample of black afgano?
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    Default Re: want to buy a sample of black afgano

    You can call this shop and they will send you two (maybe three) samples for free and you can purchase more samples if you wish to. They are a great store and Rebecca is a fantastic sales associate. They carried it 6 months ago and I think they currently carry it as I recently visited the store and believe I saw it there.

    The name of the shop is The Perfume Shoppe and the number is (480)991-3446. If they don't answer and you are not able to leave them a message, try a day or two later. They were in the process of moving locations last week.

    You can also email them at:

    Good luck. I think you will like Black Afgano as it is a great fragrance. But, for a parfum strength frag, I don't get any more longevity out of it than I get out of some EDTs.
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    Default Re: want to buy a sample of black afgano

    I would (and currently do) sell it as samples on Ebay, but I'm not allowed to ship overseas now. Thanks, CAA.

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