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    My prom is coming up and I need to start thinking of what fragrance to wear.. I have bleu de chanel, la nuit de l'homme, 1 million and Fahrenheit. This is a high school prom, and it's kind of an old roarin 20's set theme. Which do you think I should wear. It's of course a formal event. But I'm going to put my own preppy twist on my "formal attire". Any other colognes you'd offer after my description?

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    Conventional wisdom and Basenoters logic suggests that La Nuit is the best prom night fragrance.

    However, this may not be the fragrance that gets you the most compliments, performs accordingly to your skin or the one that you like the most. Those factors are dynamic and vary for everyone.

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    For your age, 1 million might be a good one for you. Try it out.
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    From what you have: Bleu de Chanel

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    Formal event in a Roarin' Twenties theme?

    I'd think something subtle yet floral - Caraceni 1913 or Washington Tremlett Black Tie.

    Since both of those are hard to source and damned expensive, I think it's hard to go past the drydown of Fahrenheit from your collection.

    Apply it about an hour before you meet your date and you're all square. The petrol note (nutmeg and oily leather) turns me right off Fahrenheit, but the rest of it is magnificent.

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    Personally I'll throw in a +1 for Hednic's suggestion and say Bleu de Chanel. Particularly if you're arriving with a date but I would suggest you give these all a full wearing if you can prior to choosing. You may find yourself inspired by one in particular.

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    Fahrenheit for sure.

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    Bleu de Chanel, because it is modern and wears well. But a very large part of me would consider Fahrenheit, because in the 1920's, men's scents were rich with florals, much like Fahrenheit. So, yes, it's nostalgic in that sense.

    Ahh, nostalgia. Just....just makes me recollect. I wore Iquitos by Alain Delon to my prom. Have a good time!

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    la nuit

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    La nuit or Bleu.

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    Depends on your personality, the date your taking, and how you plan on spending the night.

    If you can pull it off, I'd buy a bottle of DHI and use that over La Nuit in this situation. It will get future use if you enjoy it as its more gourmand and chocolate/vanilla than La Nuit which is more creamy. Then again I'm 23 so I think if you're not comfortable with DHI, Armani Code would serve you well for the evening. I know both of those 2 were not listed as options but I think they're great to have in your coming years.

    If you plan on having more of a wild night go for 1 Million and don't look back. I don't own a bottle but I've sampled it and in spite of the criticism it receives here on basenotes girls in their early 20s definitely love it!
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    Fahrenheit for me

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    Any of 'em except Fahrenheit
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    From your list Id go with La Nuit. For the Roarin 20's theme I would pick up a bottle of Rive Gauche.

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    Rive Gauche?? Very nice one, FullCollapse! Wore this the other day and it's almost like instant nostalgia!

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    La Nuit De L'homme for sure

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    Bleu de Chanel
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    La Nuit or 1 Million.

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