Newbie here on this forum and hope you all can give some advice. I'm looking for a fragrance that is similar to the discontinued Destination by Ann Taylor.

My sweetheart is completely obsessed about this fragrance but it's been gone for nearly a decade. I monitor eBay, Craigslist, etc. for the availability of this fragrance and in the past three years have seen the supply diminishing rapidly.

Currently, the supply appears to be at an all time low. Used/partial large (2.5oz) bottles are priced around the $80/oz mark. While the NOS 0.75oz (small) bottles are going for $80 ($107/oz!!).

Hope someone can point to a fragrance that is similar as I'm afraid that the remaining old stock of Destination is running out and is being priced beyond reason. I want my sweetheart to be able to keep her fragrance.

Thanks very much in advance.

- Sam