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    Default New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    Not a lot of Icelandic fragrances on the marked, so it's worth noting when a new one comes along!

    Hekla by Gydja Parfum

    "Hekla is a fresh and feminine scent with complimentary undertones of sweet vanilla and wooded forest. Inspired by Hekla, the Queen of Icelandic volcanoes the perfume is made with water from the river Rangá that flows up from the roots of the mighty mountain Hekla."

    "With every bottle comes an authentic lava stone attached to a keychain allowing the wearer to carry the energy and wonder with her, wherever she goes."

    50 ml costs approximately $85.

    When you name a fragrance after a volcano and the bottle is lava red, I'd wish the notes reflected that in some way. I don't associate a woody vanilla with the mighty Hekla. Where is the heat? This should have been a spicy oriental.

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    Default Re: New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    Have to pass on that one.

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    Default Re: New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    I agree, furrypine, there does seem to be an identity crisis. Hot lava? Cold stone? River water? Tropical vanilla? Wooded landscape? Too bad.
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    Default Re: New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    Why do these 'fume companies always write such ridiculous copy? Are the budgets so tight they can't afford good copywriters or is the industry just that purple with its prose these days?

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    Default Re: New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    Thank you for posting. The ad image is interesting, but I agree the notes are confused.
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    Default Re: New Icelandic fragrance: Hekla by Gydja

    I'm a big fan of Yrsa Sigurdadottir's books, also Sigur Ros! Will sample this frag just for the references alone.

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