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Thread: Angel women

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    Default Angel women

    I know it smells great on a woman, but how about on a man. I know that there is a thread on women perfumes on a man. But this is so specific I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has heard or has worn it before.

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    Yes this one is not too difficult too pull off for a male. The only issue is because of it's popularity with women it'll be easily recognised by other woman that your wearing a female scent.

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    There are some stereotypically feminine sweet-floral notes (not that that would be a problem, of course), but the base is a solid, butch, masculine patchouli-wood that works very well. I own and have worn Angel cuir (which adds a nice leather note in the base, and is thus even more masculine), as well as the superpotent Angel la rose (Angel plus neon rose, which tones down the sweetness).


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    Would not try to pull that off. Too feminine for me.

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    Would never wear it either.

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    Default Re: Angel women

    I love and wear Angel.
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    Default Re: Angel women

    Angel Men is as close as I'm getting

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    I wear all the "for women" offering without any problem, people always complement on them and no one thinks they are feminine smelling on me

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    I would wear it. it's nice on me
    my blog :

    Lalique Pour Homme

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    If you like it, wear it. This scent is gourmand with a heavy patchouli component.

    Men can easily wear this. If a man can wear 1 Million, he can wear the Angel marketed to women.
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    Same here...

    Quote Originally Posted by easyfish View Post
    I love and wear Angel.
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    Haven't worn it, but I do find it an accomplished scent and do think highly, with genuine respect, of the men who can wear it and pull it off with ease and enjoyment.
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    Default Re: Angel women

    I've worn it and think it's great

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    I'm not the biggest fan of it. An ex wore it, and loudly so. It's not something I'd wear myself.

    For me it's just one of the very typical, modern, women's scents (perhaps even the grandmother of the lot). Also many people would recognise it rather easily. They shift lorry loads of the stuff at Debenhams, etc, over Christmas.

    Also really disliked Angel cuir when I had a sample. Guess I'm not an Angel man.
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