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    Default Tried JPG Le Beau male today

    I was at the fragramce counter at shoppers drug mart today when the sa asked if I tried the new jpg yet and I blurted out do mean le beau and she says ya something like that. So I tried it and found it similiar to the original.except lighter and fresher and does not burn the nose hairs as much. The bottom of the bottle says "extremely fresh" lol. On the other wrist I was sampling Adg Essenza. The prices for le beau where 75$ for 75ml and 100$ for 125 ml. I will give it a few samplings before I make a decision. I found it minty and didn't pick up much orange blossom as the pyramid states. I think I will go back to pick up the Adg though lol! Just for comparison though I put 2 sprays of le beau and essenza on opposite wrists an all I could smell was the essenza overpowering le beau.

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    Default Re: Tried JPG Le Beau male today

    Sounds interesting.

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    Default Re: Tried JPG Le Beau male today

    Getting into the drydown now and it actually smells better as the lavender has taken over the mint and i find it kind of powdery. The opening i found a little feminine which was a turn off although i dont mind womens fragrances. Still it is very similiar to the original

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    Default Re: Tried JPG Le Beau male today

    I tried this last week, was not impressed at all. One word, BORING.
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    Default Re: Tried JPG Le Beau male today

    Good you made a positive discovery.

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