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    Default Need help transitioning into spring..

    I'm usually into orientals even though I have been wearing less patch this winter as I find that it tires me.
    This time my winter loves have been CD Oud Ispahan, Evody Ambre Intense, Amouage Memoir, Opus VI, Jubilation 25 , VC&A Orchidee Vanille and Guerlain Tonka Imperiale. I do like the latter but the sweetness is so amped on me I often pick the bottle up and then decide I don't really feel like it.
    I am sensing the spring vibes already but would need suggestions on where I should transition from here. Last summer I wore OJ Isfarkand, Profumi del Forte Vittoria Apuana and Heeley Figuer. But then it got so hot on certain days I skipped scent altogether. And I still need to figure out where to go for spring.
    Suggestions? Price tag is not (really) a problem as I prefer fewer bottles but better quality and character :-). Not big on flowers, love woods and spices. And sillage lol.
    Thoughts on Guerlain VO Shanghai?
    Thanks in advance !

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    Montale Santal Wood perhaps.

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    My favorite go-to for hot days is Chanel Sycomore, fresh vetiver and dry woods. Or Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire, superfresh cedary vetiver.


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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    Some excellent and inexepensive choices are Mustang Blue, Samba Ice, and Yacht Man Red.

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    Guerlain Habit Rouge, Creed Silver Mountain Water, Dior Fahrenheit.
    Current Rotation:
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
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    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Xerjoff More than Words
    Xerjoff Richwood
    By Kilian Incense Oud
    Clive Christian X
    Clive Christian No 1
    MFK Absolue Pour le Soir
    Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille
    Guerlain Tonka Imperiale

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    TOM FORD Neroli Portofino

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    FM Vetiver Extraordinaire
    MPG Baime
    Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia & Uomo

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    Hermes Belami
    Kilian Straight to Heaven / Back to Black
    Amouage Attar's (not on warm spring day - more for a colder spring day)
    Montale Wood & Spices

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    Default Re: Need help transitioning into spring..

    Thank you all! I just realised I'd posted on the male frag side of the forum. That's why I was suggested Farenheit.. lolz. I will probably delete this and post it where it belongs.

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