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about 20 pairs -- a mixture of casual/trainers and more formal ones (usually suede)
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If we include all sorts of slipper and shoes for different sports I'm probably around 60 pairs.
Whoops ... when I first responded to this thread (circa late 2015) I had three pairs; now counting everything I have close to 20! The breakup would be -

4 pairs of lace-up dress shoes (very under-used, especially since we have a 'relaxed' attire at work)
3 pairs of Chelsea boots (these are used more often)
2 pairs of lace-up boots (both relatively new purchases; not much used)
1 pair of boat shoes (this is an older pair, wore it a lot in 2017)
1 pair of penny loafers (very little use)
6 pairs of sneakers (way too many!)