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    Default Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    about 20 pairs -- a mixture of casual/trainers and more formal ones (usually suede)
    Quote Originally Posted by Pallas Athena View Post
    If we include all sorts of slipper and shoes for different sports I'm probably around 60 pairs.
    Whoops ... when I first responded to this thread (circa late 2015) I had three pairs; now counting everything I have close to 20! The breakup would be -

    4 pairs of lace-up dress shoes (very under-used, especially since we have a 'relaxed' attire at work)
    3 pairs of Chelsea boots (these are used more often)
    2 pairs of lace-up boots (both relatively new purchases; not much used)
    1 pair of boat shoes (this is an older pair, wore it a lot in 2017)
    1 pair of penny loafers (very little use)
    6 pairs of sneakers (way too many!)
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    Default Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    The only pairs of shoes a man (or woman) should own are properly made ones.
    This is determined by holding the shoe longways between both hands and pressing in.

    If the shoe bends in the middle - it is a junk shoe, poorly made, which will inevitably lead to foot problems later in life.
    If the shoe instead bends under the ball area of the foot, it is a good shoe.
    (Source: My physiotherapist telling me that I was wearing a junk pair of shoes - and telling me to go buy Rockport shoes instead)

    Generally speaking, the more expensive $80 to $200 pair of shoes meet that criterion.
    But I've tested $500 pairs of designer shoes that failed that test, and the occasional $30 pair that passed it.

    I wear one pair of good slide-in, walking shoes all the time.
    I have five pairs of lace-up good walking shoes there ready to go all the time.
    I have two good shoes for use when walking or mowing around my property.
    I have about 10 or so pairs of back-up good walking shoes in boxes - Florsheim, Rockport and Niblick.
    And another 15 or so pairs of hiking and more casual type shoes in boxes which I bought on sale, which I might wear one day.

    I also have about 20 pairs of good quality thongs (which I think are called Flip flops in the US)

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    Default Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    Well, kinda like many basenoters and their cologne, shoes can be looked at as a collectible hobby. Or at the very least, a lot of guys like to have a wide variety of options in their wardrobe.

    I have probably four pairs of athletic shoes that I use for gym and running and two other athletic shoes that I use for outdoor chores like yardwork, etc. And two pairs of athletic shoes that I use just for casual wear and for going out to eat or to the movies or something.

    I have about four pairs of boots because I love boots. lol

    I have two pairs of fomal dress shoes and about three or four pairs of casual dress shoes.

    I have two pairs of work shoes. So around twenty, in total, that I actually wear. I also have about five pairs of shoes I no longer wear and need to donate them and/or sell.

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    Default Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    As much of the population thinks men should only own 2 or 3 fragrances, this is the wrong forum to ask this question on haha. I own far too many pairs of shoes and want to buy many more. I would recommend:

    Leather Dress Shoes - a good pair in the 150-200$+ range can last for many many years and be resoled and cleaned. Meermin is a great cheap/high quality brand

    Leather Sneakers - Think white or black Stan Smiths, Air Force Ones, etc. These can be cleaned and last way longer than a pair of a vans type shoe. They are old school yet timeless and the all black / all white look can be paired with anything and look stylish.

    Other than This I would recommend a pair or two of boots (love timberlands) and some shoes to run/work out in.
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