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    Default Pure Malt in Canada

    Hey guys,

    Anyone know where I can purchase Pure Malt in Canada, or where the best place to order from outside of CA that will ship here? Sells in USA, UK through the Mugler store, but not here. What should I do? Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Pure Malt in Canada

    There you go!

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    Default Re: Pure Malt in Canada

    I've been looking as well. apart from the BN sale / swap / market, best bet is if u know anyone living in Montreal / elsewhere in PQ - have them contact the stores listed under for store locations in Canada and select the city. Call them and I am sure u'll hit gold. I've tried all the Bay / Holt Renfrew etc in Toronto GTA and other fragrance discounters looking for Pure Malt / Havane / Coffee - no luck. I even tried the USA store and they refused to ship to Cda.
    If u end up buying, plz pm me the source.

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