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Thread: X~Bolt For Men

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    This is a cheapie from the "maison", (lol).....Lidl.
    I bought it blind, (no tester in shop) because of the huge success of the Lidl's women's fragrance, "Suddenly Madame Glamour", (awful name I know). SMG is really excellent if you are a fan of the likes of Chance or Coco Mademoiselle. An incredibly high quality fragrance with great silliage and longevity.

    I have sprayed one tiny amount of the men's X~Bolt and I am not impressed.....but then again everyone knows how generally unimpressed I am with most of todays mens designer offerings. I am sure this is a copy of one of those "baddies"....perhaps Chanel Bleue ?
    Perhaps, if you find a Lidl which provides a tester you could try it and let us know which one(s) it's copying !
    ps If you like Chance or Coco Mademoiselle then I recommend buying Suddenly Madame Glamour blind. You won't be disappointed !!!
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    Default Re: X~Bolt For Men

    I am continually amazed in how you dig up these otherwise obscure houses!

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    Nice review.

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    by the time you can afford good speakers, you can't hear the difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beftus View Post
    Thanks very much for sharing this link. Makes fascinating reading.
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    My belated reaction, after finally trying X-Bolt: vaguely reminds me of Boss Bottled, as well as other male fragrances by Boss, indeed, a certain similarity with Bleu de Chanel may not be excluded either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    I am continually amazed in how you dig up these otherwise obscure houses!
    It's a budget supermarket rather than a 'house' so to speak.

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    How many people smell "X" by Clive Christian (400 euros/bottle), and after a few moments say "uh, it seems Pino Silvestre!" (5 euro/bottle) ?

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    Well, after a tip-off on a Facebook forum I bought this today for Ł3.99 after someone claimed it was a complete clone of Boss Bottled, one of my favourite fragrances. I've got to admit it really is rather good - slightly brasher than BB and lacking some of the soft, vanilla padding but actually very, very close.....and 10x cheaper in price. One can hardly complain. I love championing supermarket perfumes if they deserve it.

    And it seems to be doing rather well and getting a bit of press:

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    More visual information to aid Basenoters:

    Behold the house of Lidl:

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    I agree, the X-Bolt for Men I bought at Lidl a few months back is a bit of a dud.

    Lidl is my favourite store in Italy - as I said to my wife - shopping there was cheaper than buying groceries in Australia, including at Aldi. Most of the packets on sale are in English

    Best thing about Lidl is the ready cooked air sealed (not frozen) hamburgers and packets of hamburger bread rolls. In one and a half minutes in the microwave, I could make a delicious big hamburger in a bread roll that tastes just like one from McDonalds. I've been thinking about those delightful hamburgers often in the nearly three months since I got home.

    Oh - and the bottles of Lidl Scotch and Bourbon for just over 4 Euros each (less than a fifth of what I pay here for the cheap mixer stuff) - they didn't taste great, but since I mixed them Pepsi Light, it didn't matter.
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