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    Default Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I'm interested in your thoughts, not just your preference. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Personally I was quite disappointed with Grey Vetiver. It is to my nose a rather uneventful "watered down" weak vetiver. Definitely not worth the price tag. There are so many better vetivers out there, eg Vetiver Hombre from Aldolfo Dominguez, Annick Goutal Vetiver to name just a few.
    I do really admire Terre d'Hermes, but the problem here in Europe is that every second person is wearing it. It has become a victim of it's own success.
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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Grey Vetiver was a bland "safe" scent that I had absolutely zero interest in when I tried it early last year on skin. I could see it appealing to folks that want to blend in with the crowd and/or dislike most vetiver fragrances. Terre d'Hermes is a masterpiece.
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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I am more positive than the other BNers on Grey Vetiver. Vetiver is fresher and cleaner than TdH (though TdH is not heavy either), so I definitely prefer it when it's really hot.

    Plus, I like vetiver as a material a lot, so I'd rather wear GV than TdH. That said, I agree that within the vetiver category, it is no match for (the more expensive) Sycomore and Vetiver Extraordinaire or the somewhat closer in price Goutal Vetiver.


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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I also find Grey Vetiver to be a strong sharp clean vetiver - similar to Guerlain vetiver but without the soap and tobacco. It is a good work scent, as longevity is good and it is unlikely to offend anyone. However, I do prefer Givenchy Vetyver for a clean vetiver - not very strong but it's one of the best of this genre - and much cheaper.

    TdH is a good reference for the Bergamont/bitter orange with vetiver and cedar type of scent and is quite good. Again though, I think Jean-Claude Ellena improved on this theme with Cartier Declaration (a little earthier and smokier) and Malle's Bigarade Concentree (cleaner and clearer).

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I'd agree with TdH from these two. Sampled GV a few times and it's good but ultimately didn't move me, also agree with earlier posts, if you're looking for a pure vetiver you can't go wrong with Sycomore or Vetiver Extraordinaire.
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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Terre d' Hermes. It's more versatile.
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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Terre D'Hermes is just an overall better scent.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Both are iso e super bombs--which is fine with me, I like the molecule.

    Terre d'hermes is in my opinion the better scent, and it is the scent that got me interested in fragrances. It will always be special for me, it was my signature scent for two years. Unfortunately I hear it has been reformulated... so its greatness has in all likelihood been irrevocably diminished.

    I do like Grey Vetiver. It has this enveloping feel at the top, but the drydown is rather ordinary. I don't even think of it really as a vetiver scent, to be honest, since it feels so clean. I agree that it is a great work scent--and I would say it is not just "inoffensive" but rather classy for a work scent.

    If I had to choose between the two, I would pick TdH (vintage) any day of the week. But now that it appears that TdH has been weakened, it might be the case that Grey Vetiver has the advantage over the reformulation.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    TDH especially the Pure Parfum one.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I'm not a huge vetiver fan, but I like both of these quite a bit (probably because they're less vetiver-y than others). For me, both would be worn for a specific reason. GV feels like the perfect "going-to-church" frag for me. Enough to be there, but not off-putting. I am a teacher, and TdH is an outstanding frag for school. Just enough vetiver there in the fall...just enough crispness for the spring.

    That said--someday, I may own both. Right now, however, if I could just pick one, I'd take TdH (and I DO own TdH Parfum).
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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I own and love both. Not sure I could pick a favorite between the two. Both are extremely versatile all-season / any-occasion fragrances. Do you want orange with your vetiver, or citrus? I suppose I would lean towards Grey Vetiver in spring / summer, and TdH in the fall / winter.

    Both long lasting - TdH maybe slightly better in that department, at least my Parfum version is.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Quote Originally Posted by nfn1983 View Post
    TDH especially the Pure Parfum one.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    I prefer Terre d'Hermes EDT. Like mentioned above, it's more versatile and it lasts longer on my skin.

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    Default Re: Grey Vetiver vs Terre d'Hermes

    Terre d'Hermes is a masterpiece IMO

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