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    Default Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    I just got a Sephora Insider newsletter in which they announced that they will begin carrying the I Love New York set of fragrances from Bond No. 9. From what's on their site, it looks like they'll be priced at $175 for 100ml and $105 for 50ml. Too bad they aren't carrying the rest of the Bond line.

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    Good news for those that want to try the I Love NY line. I personally only liked For Marriage Equality, but I think that one is no longer available.

    The I Love NY frags can be found for around $150 online, and you don't pay tax, making it considerably cheaper than Sephora.

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    Maybe in the future they'll also carry some of Bond's other bigger selling fragrances (New Haarlem, Chez Bond, etc.). Although, they're existing agreement with Saks and others might prevent this. I certainly wouldn't pay Sephora's price for Bonds. They can usually be found on eBay for for $80-120 for 100ml). But I would welcome the opportunity to easily sample more of their lineup. Also, as large as Sephora is, I would think it would be a really good option for Bond. They could possibly even lower prices and move more towards a mainstream fragrance company instead of niche and sell larger volumes (if they desired). I know several of us here already kind of consider Bond's scents to be basically "designer scents on steroids" Lol!

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    I love NY has been sold in places that normally do not offer Bond, so no surprise there.

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    More options for consumers are never a bad idea IMO.

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    Default Re: Sephora to carry Bond No. 9

    Somewhat of a coup for Bond. They really have their act together marketing and distribution-wise.

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