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    Default Osswald New York

    Let me start off by saying, since Osswald in New York does not have e-commerce capability as yet, maybe this will be allowed to be posted here.

    This past Friday, the Profumum Arso split I am running filled. To my dismay, Luckscent was showing this on backorder. Checking the Profumum site for other stockist in the US, came up with Osswald.

    Placed the order on Friday and it arrived today. I had dealt with Clement Pinard. He had asked me what I liked in the way of fragrances, promising to send several samples.

    Opening the box today, these are the samples included, along with a note describing the samples that are not factory samples.

    Factory samples:
    1. biehl parfumkunstwerke al01
    2. biehl parfumkunstwerke al03
    3. biehl parfumkunstwerke mb01
    4. biehl parfumkunstwerke mb02
    5. biehl parfumkunstwerke mb03
    6. biehl parfumkunstwerke gs02

    Hand decanted samples:
    1. Oudity by Micallef . It was explained, this is a perfume that is an Osswald exclusive, using as Clement described 25 year old Laotian Oud.

    2. Profumum Fumidus.

    3. Profumum Eccelso.

    The cost was a few dollars higher than Luckyscent, but I can tell you my experience was AAA+. Never having dealt with them, Clement could not been nicer and accommodating, and sending so many samples went beyond what I would have expected.

    Just thought I would let you know my experiences with the new kid on the block in the US.

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    Default Re: Osswald New York

    People who are treated well return to shop there.

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    Default Re: Osswald New York

    Another happy ending story! Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Osswald New York

    He is indeed a great guy, always greeted me with a smile. Their store has top-notch service!

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    Default Re: Osswald New York

    Clem's knowledge is encyclopedic. I enjoy stopping in there just to chat with him.

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