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    Default Question: Fragrances in France - Paris


    Just curious, are there any particular fragrances that would be cheaper or worthwhile to buy when I head off to Paris soon for vacation? Or recommend anything fragrance wise to check out ?

    thank you all for your time,

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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    Perhaps some of the scarcer Serge Lutens for example, but there are so many other brands. You need to hunt around and have a plan.

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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    Serge Lutens at Palais Royal but those are now available in NY.
    JAR perfumes at Place Vendome.
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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    I'm sure there are a multitude of them.
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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    ^I'm sure too.
    Would Chanel fragrances be slightly cheaper in price?

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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    ChillyPenguin - your location is undisclosed. Assuming however, you're not travelling from within the Euro zone, then the biggest factor is the exchange rate.

    If you're in Paris, check out Jovoy, Sens Unique etc. There are numerous threads about fragrance shopping in France.

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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    There were some threads in the past with many suggestions for various stores. In general, prices aren't particularly cheaper (as said, it also depends on the exchange rate), but the selection is much wider. Because the tax is relatively higher, mainstream fragrances can also be bought at the duty free, where you don't pay the tax.

    If I were to single out a couple of store, I'd also say Serge Lutens Palais Royale, near the Louvre. The prices for the bell jars are high, but they're almost half what you'd pay here in the US. And for something more affordable, Parfums de Nicolai (several stores, including one near palais royale and the louvre as well), which sells inexpensive 30ml bottles as well.


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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    If you are travelling from outside the EU zone, check out the 'Tax free' sign at participating shops - as you would be entitled to received the sales tax portion after you leave the country - it's been a while since I bought anything 'tax free' but you would need to purchase over a certain amount to qualify for that option and the amount varies with differenct countries - the last time I bought something from France, it was a min of 175 Euros but you get back something like 12 or 17% of the sales price back (sorry very fuzzy with figures - been a few years) - the thing is the more you purchase, the more you may be entitled to get back. In the past, I have found shops such as Printemps offering a 10% voucher which you can print out online so you may end up with the discount and the tax free money, so sometimes it may be worth checking out what are in the bigger department stores such as Printemps, Galleries Lafayette and even Bon Marche - which is the first department store in Paris, they did have a fragrance for men called Balthazar created for them. Serge Lutens at the Palais Royal was also participating in the 'tax free' - no harm asking if applicable.

    One other line of fragrances that I really like is Fragonard (I believe it's not far from the Opera House - Printemps and Galaries Lafayette are near there as well) at very affordable prices and rather nice offerings - most of the bottles come in aluminium spray bottles - very light in weight in 100, 200 and even 500 mls. There is also a perfume museum if you're interested and the soaps are just heavenly.

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    Default Re: Question: Fragrances in France - Paris

    Quote Originally Posted by ChillyPenguin View Post
    ^I'm sure too.
    Would Chanel fragrances be slightly cheaper in price?
    That depends on which country you are from.
    I find Chanel about 10 ~ 20 percent cheaper in France, compared to UK.
    I would say US prices are even cheaper than french prices.
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