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    Default I think pulse points are over-rated

    It's almost a mantra of the perfume industry that applying to pulse points is the way to go. Supposedly the heat of your blood makes evaporate faster. And this assumes one wants to increase silage. In testing, I've found that this is not really the case. For example, putting fragrance the under side of my wrists produces less silage than on the back of my wrist or hands. The back is usually facing up or out, which enhances the evaporate spreading. The pulse point is usually rubbing off on my computer or clothes.

    It would be interesting to see a study on this though. Have researchers ever used one of those sniffing machines to test for silage?

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    IMO - anywhere u generate more heat - for ex arms open and close and that area generates more heat, for
    me this area and lower back of the neck / upper back - these generate the most projection / silage.

    I use 5 sprays for good longevity - 2 for armpits (also use a non-scented non aluminum based deo stick), 1 for upper back / lower back of neck, 1 chest and 1/2 for the area betn arms and biceps / upper arm on each arm.

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    I remember reading or seeing a perfumer discuss, though I forgot where. Anyway, as you said, he claimed that the wrist is one of the worst places to put perfumes, and he suggested instead the forearm and the inner elbow. I don't think he was talking about sillage per se, though. I agree with badarun that sillage goes with heat.


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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    Skin also plays a major role.

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    It's basic science really, determined by the area of fragranced skin exposed to the air, amount of heat applied to volatile fragrance molecules, etc. There are many pulse points on the body, not just the radius/carotid areas and they are not necessarily warmer than other parts of the body. I encourage every fragrance user to experiment with application areas and figure out what work best for him for the type of fragrance, environmental conditions, etc.
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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    I simply apply to neck and chest and it has always worked well for me.

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    I simply apply to all of those areas to solve the problem!!!

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    i never like to make big science out of simple things

    but when you have payed 100 eur for 7.5 ml pure perfume i think you would apply on pulse points only inner wrist serves me ok for that and not sure i think it would be rubbed too much with clothes and skin as me it looks like the worst point.

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    I don't know what or who gave you the impression you were the intended audience for pulse points.
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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    My experience with pulse points is that the fragrance does last longer. This is probably due to the fact that pulse points are generally more oily due to the way the body excretes sweat. In my opinion the chest is the best place to apply fragrance because it lasts quite a bit longer, one spot you can overspray on, and it keeps the projection at a nice level.
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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    If I want to test a fragrance, I apply on the back of my hand for easy sniffing access. If I want to wear it and have it project a modest amount into the air around me, I spray on my neck, chest—and if it's summer and I'm in short sleeves or a dress or skirt, inside of elbow and backs of knees. Rarely, if ever, my wrists.

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    Default Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    The difference between the skin temperature of a pulse point and some other point equidistant from the heart is but a fraction of a degree, not significant really. In general the trunk will be warmer than the distal extremities, and more heat = more diffusion.

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    Smile Re: I think pulse points are over-rated

    I think pulse points are a bit too much emphasized, however the exception, in my opinion is the area behind the knee and a bit on top of the hair of the head. These two spots have enormous heat conduction and together create quite a movement of the fragrance relative to the body. The addition of a very good unscented skin lotion applied prior to fragrance seems to provide a platform that minimizes skin chemistry interaction whilst providing longevity for the fragrances useful life on the skin; this has been my observation and experience.

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