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    Default Neroli goes wild...what to do?

    I'm experimenting with naturals for some time and I really try to get naturals i like by the nose, even if they cost a bit more. Still I have this problem with neroli. I'm working with Marrocan Neroli, which I adore, but I have a problem with keeping the floral part of it. It always goes wild and dominates the blend, but in a bad, rusty way. My last idea was to lift it with traces of elemi, galbanum and kardamom, but it's again too sad. Jasmin makes it too creamy, sandal makes it soft, bergamot makes it too sweet, pettit grain works good but it's too much orange in the end, i would like too make it more crispy though.
    Any ideas? I was thinking Cinnamon...Thnx!

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    Default Re: Neroli goes wild...what to do?

    Try a different Neroli.
    Try a different jasmine.
    Try a touch of Rose, your choice.

    Tincture some cucumbers. or a microscopic amt of Perilla.
    Try some Mastic.,
    or a fern, I think that Oshadhi sells one.

    Good luck, and HAVE FUN!!!
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    Default Re: Neroli goes wild...what to do?

    If you like the petitgrain but not the orange effect, use a petitgrain of a different sort - for example Petitgrain Bergamotier is made from the leaves and twigs of the citrus tree on which the Bergamot fruit grows and has a scent more similar to bergamot than standard petitgrain. Also try adding a touch of orange flower absolute.
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    Default Re: Neroli goes wild...what to do?

    Thnx. I'm waiting for the new raw materials. I'll post the results.

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