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    Default d&g the one desire and de la renta something blue

    This morning I got a Saks ad booklet, and in it there were two sniffing strips, the one desire and something blue. I'm putting them in the same thread because they don't really deserve one each (and I didn't see a thread for either).

    The one desire is, surprise surprise, an unremarkable fruity floral, with the usual artificial strawberry notes and shrill white florals, as bad as most in the category.

    Something blue, plagued by such a fateful name, is a functional artificial flower. Of the type sometimes called lily of the valley, though bearing no resemblance to the same flower as vintage Diorissimo, sometimes linden, perhaps bearing resemblance to the least interesting and most functional flower in nature, the one which not even Tauer could coax to greatness. In this case, the official pyramid says linden.

    Name and bottle appear to be "inspired" by the lamentable but successful Light blue franchise. As a scent for a bathroom floor cleaner, it could be actually preferable than the shrill woody ambers of the LB line.


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    Default Re: d&g the one desire and de la renta something blue

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    Default Re: d&g the one desire and de la renta something blue

    I was hoping the "Something Blue" would be a decent fragrance, it was such a cute idea. Thanks Cacio for your impressions. I'll still sample them, but won't be expecting too much.
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    Default Re: d&g the one desire and de la renta something blue

    I was hoping for an intense version of The One

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