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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    Depends on the individuals "need vs want"...
    How many do you need? Literally none, a good shower can take care of you from smelling bad or a simple deo stick will do the job...That said, around 5-20 FB's of decent to good EDT's / EDP's should be more than ample for day to day life.
    Any collector here IMHO is feeding into their "want" including myself and their love for a good parfum...I would call this my bad vice. As a BN'er said in his entry, I'm now trying to keep a limit on the $'s to spend / month on parfums to keep this under control or to be within 5-20 FB's per year depending on their individual cost.

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    For those about to stink, I salute you!

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rüssel View Post
    As long as you have enough space, money and enjoy them, there is no too many.
    What I was about to say. Frankly, why put borders and hurdles for yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeJ View Post
    Buy a 5ml bottle before the full bottle. If you can't finish the 5ml within a month, you probably shouldn't purchase the full bottle.
    Well from a purely utilitarian perspective, your suggestion is ideal.

    But the very fact that one is a member here on Basenotes almost completely rules out that we're in it from a utilitarian mindset. I think we've slid down the spectrum and comfortably sit on the passionate school of thought mentality.

    Meaning, perfumes may sit weeks and months before getting used. But when it is needed, hallelujah to and from the pleasure it derives. A good example of this is Peau d'Espagne by Santa Maria Novella. I think I wear it only a maximum number of 5 times a year. If you've smelled it, you'll understand why. But when I crave it and use it , satisfaction has no bounds.
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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    There is a sub-forum here to help if your buying urge gets out of control.

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    I haven't put a number on my collection, but I think enough will be when I start to not enjoy them any more.
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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    Depends on what you're comfortable with. It's like collecting vs hoarding. You'll know if you have too many if you start feeling uncomfortable with it. You can always swap or give away and doing both gives you room to keep your collection small and still enjoy new fragrances. Too many, IMO, is when you've got bottles falling out of kitchen cupboards when you open them and other odd places in the house cause you've run out of room on your dresser or vanity.

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    i am over 200. i now only try to buy used bottles,decants and samples of top niche scents. just got decants of frapin 1270/odin/and something else i forgot..

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    4,327 is too many.
    I don't have a signature fragrance. My signature changes a little bit every day, why shouldn't my fragrance?

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    It depends on what it means for you. Is fragrance a consumable? Something you actually need for grooming, to make a good impression like a nice tie or whatever. Then I guess something between 3 to 10 would actually do it.
    If you want that signiture scent that is you and nothing else, you won't need many either.
    But I guess for most of us perfume is more like artwork. Although I have a too big collection to give each of them a full wearing very often, I love (almost) all of them and like sniffing through my collection quite often, spra stuff on my wrists before sleeping and so forth. In this stage I think it is kind of pointless to worry about finishing all the bottles. Even if it took more than I lifetime to finish all the bottles I just don't care. It's pointless, it is not a consumable to me like coffee, milk or toothpaste. So I just stopped this kind of thinking. Ok, if the production of perfume consumed a super high amount of resources that compete with other, more reasonable utlilization of this resource (energy, raw material), this attitude might be considered amoral. But taking into account the small amounts really and the value of perfume as a high added value product consisting more in the creativity and brainwork to make it (as every peace of art), I think it is perfectly ok.

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    Nothing is too many until you stop enjoying this hobby...
    For what its worth!

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    I have friends who spend £4000 + on a wrist watch. That makes my fragrane buying seem tiny. As many have said, live within your long as you are not causing yourself to get into finacial difficulty or putting your family/livelyhood at risk, but whatever YOU want!!

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    I only got 11 bottles and I barely ever use a couple of them. I mostly reach for certain 3-4 scents in cold weather and another 3-4 in warm weather. I'm planning to sell a few bottles that I don't enjoy that much anymore. But on the other hand there are always some new fragrances I'd like to purchase. All in all I'm trying to keep my collection under 15 bottles or so.

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    Default Re: How many is too many?

    I plan to get about 10 more bottles during the year and it's probably it for me and gonna sell some of my existing ones that I don't wear anymore.
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