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    Default That horrid "perfume" smell: how do you control it?

    A fragrance on its own is delightful. Two, layered, might be interesting, challenging, supportive, complementary. Twenty all at once is just a horrid cacophony... weirdly bitter, sweet, herbal, nasty. It's that generic "perfume" smell which revolts people.

    It's also the smell of a bag of samples. It's next to impossible to avoid a tiny spillage around caps when applying, so my box of samples began to smell pretty raunchy. Worse, it radiated skanky vileness into the room. I tried plastic lunch baggies, the ones with the "zip lock", but the plastic was rather porous, or the seal incomplete, so the same problem emerged.

    A, ah, "smoker" friend suggested the Smelly Proof brand. Much thicker plastic, and a serious seal. Samples go in small bags, then all the small bags go into a big bag. The problem vanished completely.

    Anybody use other solutions?

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    Default Re: That horrid "perfume" smell: how do you control it?

    Don't have this problem as I don't use samples.

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    Default Re: That horrid "perfume" smell: how do you control it?

    Quote Originally Posted by impdaddee View Post
    It's that generic "perfume" smell which revolts people.
    Not me. I actually like the smell. For what it's worth, I keep my samples in little ziploc bags organized by brand, and all in a plastic box. Can't smell anything unless I open the box.

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    Default Re: That horrid "perfume" smell: how do you control it?

    Wipe the tops clean either on you or with a disposable paper tissue after spraying/rolling. Store your samples, with caps securely on, vertically and snugly so they remain vertical in open top or closed boxes inside double freezer-type ZIP type baggies that are each tightly sealed.

    Very similar to your new method and very effective for me

    A well sealable hard plastic food storage tub also worked well for me in the past until I dropped it and broke it. I might get another just because it is more convenient to store/grab a sample from the tub.
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    Default Re: That horrid "perfume" smell: how do you control it?

    I use small ziploc bags (like those for medicines) and don't get the problem. As kbe was saying, cleaning the vial after spraying helps a lot, most likely that's the perfume that evaporates.


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