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    Default Monegal Agar Musk, MFK Velvet Oud, Shams Memo, It. Leather, La Raison Pure, Cuir 28, Nero Essence


    Send a PM if interested in buying a fragrance. All products are in the original bottles and box with bottle tops and are in "like new" condition unless noted otherwise. Offers made below asking price will only be responded to after having full opportunity to sell at the offered price. Shipping cost is included in the price within the continental U.S.A. only.

    Agar Musk, Ramon Monegal eau de parfum. 50 ml. 96% - $140
    Notes: Arabian Agarwood, leather, nutmeg, vetiver, musk cocktail. This oud perfume has a dry leather with light smoke oud aroma with a cool green vetiver base. Excellent oud fragrance for warmer weather.

    Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Perfume Extrait. 50 ml. 99% - $240
    "The majestic, enveloping OUD velvet mood gives the sensation of density and fluidity. Together, cinnamon from Ceylan, saffron and Brazilian copahu balm combine to release spicy oud fragrance that is heavy and plush. For fans seeking the trifecta: Woody, warm, and smokey" . . . from Luckyscent. ($375 new)
    Notes are: cinnamon from Ceylan, saffron, Brazilian copahu balm, oud from Laos
    Italian Leather by MEMO Paris edp, 100 ml. 97% $150
    A very green opening rich masculine leather fragrance. Depth and a mystery of the outdoor woodlands combined with dry well worn leather base. Stunning perfume. Notes include: Green tomato leaf, leather, Rockrose absolute, oil of galbanum, oil of clary sage, iris concrete, Vanilla bean absolute, oil of sandalwood, tolu balsam resin, opoponax resin, myrrh resin, benzoin resin, leather accord, musk.

    Shams Oud by MEMO Paris. edp 100 ml. 98% - $150
    One of the finest masculine oud perfumes in the world. Notes include: oil of pepper, rose, oil of ginger, saffron, cypriol heart, cashmeran, tonka bean, tolu balsam absolute, styrax absolute, labdanum absolute, OUD ACCORD. A unique and mesmerizing warm oud leather fragrance.

    L'Raison Pure edp, L' Antichambre. 50 ml. 90% - $90
    Notes: Sage, pepper, nutmeg, Incense, cedar. Spare, modern, cool, distinctive, purifying, intense and uplifting. L' Antichambre packages inside a beautiful bottle with machined solid metal sculpted top. Note: L'Antichambre bottles are 60 ml. and so when full is not completely filled with 50 ml. of perfume.

    Nero Essence, Bruno Acampora. perfume oil, 10 ml. 95% full -($200 new) - $125.
    "It opens with citrus, but the moment of sunshine is fleeting as we enter a dark labyrinth of bittersweet saffron, bold cedar and hypnotic patchouli. The combination is dizzying – almost narcotic in nature – and we are led to an opulent lair filled with honeyed amber, burnished sandalwood and a deeply sensuous musk. Clearly, someone is up to no good." from Luckyscent. A dark but deep woody but sensual oil perfume from Bruno Acampora. Packaged in a small cork stoppered black vial which rests inside a pressed metal presentation package.

    Cuir 28 edp. Le Labo, City Exclusive - Dubai. 50 ml. 99% full. $200. PENDING
    Blending leather, wood and animalic notes gives it a very powerful, dark and memorable personality. Natural vanilla absolute, the spicy animalic tar version of the vanilla we know, mixes in with the leather to give Cuir 28 its oriental and addictive finale. This city exclusive will be released again this fall for a one month sale by Le Labo for $290. This 2013 release bottle was not printed with a personalized name so it will easily accommodate a second home.

    Bleu de Chanel EDT 50 ml. 95% full - $50
    A fresh but woody aromatic fragrance from the house of Chanel.

    Oriza Legrand Vainagre de Toilette 100 ml. 98% - $40
    In 1852, based on a formula perfected by Fargeon Aîné, Oriza L. Legrand introduced "Oriza Aciduliné" -- a delicately perfumed cosmetic vinegar designed for skin tonic, bath, hair care, after shave and home fragrance purifier. For men, used as an after-shave, Oriza Aciduliné will calm razor irritation, while softening and toning the skin. As a vaporizer, released in rooms around the house. it cleans, purifies and perfumes pleasantly. Smells wonderful - like most things Oriza Legrand!

    Cologne Absolute, Tom Daxon edp, 50 ml. 92% - $100
    Notes: Neroli, bergamot, tarragon, green violet leaf, lemon petitgrain, jasmine, lily of the valley, givescone, patchouli, cypriol. A very bright, sunny, woody eau de cologne style fragrance made in perfume strength by Tom Daxon.

    Blue Encens by COMME des GARCONS. Eau de parfum 100 ml. 96% full - $80[/B]
    A warm but refreshing lighter incense fragrance with very natural woods aroma. Blue Encens Notes: Artemisia, Indian cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, mystical incense, mineral amber crystals.

    Violet Tendencies by Smell Bent. EDT 50 ml. Spray. 92% full - $30
    A natural blending of violets and leather. Earthy but attractively addictive.

    Aftelier Trevert edp 30 ml. 88% - $50
    A Mandy Aftel "all nautral" perfume creation of all natural green plant essences, wood and florals from the handmaking studios of Mandy Aftel. Trevert is a breath of fresh pure green essences.

    Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil 100 ml. 96% - $60
    Notes of incense, calamus, lotus, green mango, sycamore, and grapefruit. A garden by the river nile.

    John Varvatos Artisan 75 ml. 90% - $40
    Notes: Sicilian Clementine, Tangelo, Mandarin, Thyme, Marjoram, Lavadin, North African Orange Tree Blossom, Indian Murraya, Orange Jasmine Tree, Ginger extracts, Kephalis, Georgywood, Belambre, Serenolide. Mossy orange and spice island eau de toilette packaged in a wicker covered glass bottle.

    Prada Infusion d' Iris EDT 100 ml. 96% - $40
    A minimal very dry Florentine Iris and white musk scent. This is the perfume that embodies the spare style of Prada.

    Eau de Cartier Concentree 100 ml. 98% - $40
    A clean, well mannered and minimal eau de cologne that opens with tart green yuzu, citrus and then vetiver, finishes with fine woods, patchouli, and white musk. A classic fresh tonic of an eau de cologne.
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    Default Re: Matriarch, Oud Fleur, Agar Musk, Velvet Oud, Shams Memo, It. Leather, La Raison Pure, Cuir 28, N

    Have added about a dozen new fragrances to the summer sale today. Stock up for Fall. Included are Acampora Nero Essence, Memo Shams Oud, MFK Oud Velvet Mood, Cuir 28, Agar Musk, Bleu de Chanel, La Raison Pure, Italian Leather, Cologne Absolute, TF Oud Fleur. Sale will be up for a week, then down for a month while on vacation.
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