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    Default Introduction & Tom Ford

    Hi folks

    Ive been a long time reader of this forum. I finally decided to register.

    So here i am.. and right off the bat i need your help

    My fragrance of use ( yes only 1) is the Givenchy Gentleman.
    Its been with me since forever.

    But now i feel like its time to move on, and expand to more fragrances.

    Im very interested in the TF line, namely these:
    Noir de Noir
    Moss Breches
    Neroli Portofino
    Oud Wood
    Purple Patchouli
    Tobacco Vanille
    Tuscan Leather
    Black Orchid

    Most of these are very expensive and i would of course like to sample them first, but there is no TF retailer nowhere in Sweden..
    So i contacted some Ebay seller, he wants me to pay 25-30 usd/ sample of 4ml.
    Am i being taken for a ride with that price ? or is it fair?

    What other ways are there to get these samples?
    What is the closest place i would need to travel in Europe to get my hands on these scents?

    Thank you for a great forum


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    Can someone please delete this thread..i made 2 by mistake
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