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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    Nah, not really. Most of my scents are heavy and if I know there will be a lot of people around me and it'll be hot, I only wear fresh scents like L'eau D'issey PH

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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    I nearly knocked myself out recently.....I wore (literally 2 tiny dabs) of vintage Egoiste edt.
    I put the two dabs on my neck and thought nothing of it. the hours went by this stuff seemed to go from strength to strength. After about 3 hours it became really unbearable. I had had enough. It made me feel so sick I had to wash it off. God knows what the people around me thought !

    I have also crossed the line a few times in the past, wearing Jicky. One spray too many can turn you bertie and induce that dreaded "pickled farts" note. It always makes me laugh the way russian fragrance fans talk about the "poopy" clove note in Jicky.
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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    Haven't done it in a really long time. I think I almost suffocated an entire classroom with Polo back when I was in graduate school. The reactions were either guarded or mildly positive. The fact that I got reactions from several rows away, after class - it was one of those theater-shaped classrooms - just meant to me that I had to back off a little next time. Nobody really complained, but the faint praise indicated to me that it was a bit much.

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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    one time i put on 2 sparys of Td hermes at work.... never again!!
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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    Two years back my bottle arrived in the evening (november) and I was too excited to give it a try so sprayed 4-5 heavy puffs on my chest and neck...drove my car to pick my uncle's family...after a while when they got exhausted with the beastly projection they literally rolled down the window glasses and asked me what I was wearing..Encre Noir...since then I've never sprayed more than 2 light sprays of it...
    For what its worth!

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    Default Re: Ever felt like you crossed the line?

    Over sprayed Rochas Man and was in a hurry rushing over a friend's house for dinner.... " what's that? Something's quite cloying " ... Oops ... Lol

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