"wear anything anytime anywhere" mantra aside, ever had an occasion where you wore a scent and felt self-conscious or inappropriate?

"NO NEVER I WEAR FOR ME" answers and philosophical debates on personal space aside, I'm in for stories of times you regretted either the scent for the occasion, or maybe # sprays for the occasion, etc. (i.e. let's keep this light!)

I'll give a couple examples:

Wore 2-3 sprays of Tiffany for Men and Musc Ravageur to work on separate occasions, and both times my coworkers were visibly sniffing and sneezing with allergic responses. Felt bad and backed off on # sprays for future use (still wear MR just limit sprays; not a fan of the Tiffany anymore).

Wore LIDGE to a funeral wake because my bottle came in the mail that day, blind buy, and I couldn't resist wearing it right then and there. Ended up thinking to myself "what the hell was I thinking here?" and all self-conscious when greeting family of deceased. Felt bad about it in fact.

In no case did anyone say anything negative or rude, it was all internal on my end to self-calibrate my decisions.

Got any good stories?