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Thread: new supplier?

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    Default new supplier?

    Does anyone know this supplier?
    It sells few things, some natural and some synthetic, but the prices look good. Do you think it's reliable?
    Sebastiano - Organic Chemist

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    Look rather cheap to me!
    They will not be pure oils at that price & most are 'Fragrance oils' not essential oils.
    - No expert, but I would not expect much of Rose @2.20/25ml, or whatever it is. More like 20/ml

    I'd look @ the 'sticky' post showing known suppliers at the top of the DIY section & bear in mind that many U.K. sellers are having problems shipping overseas at present, so you may be better off (until it sorts out) buying nearer home!
    Some are able to ship legally overseas but not many will be able to do this at this precise moment!
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    I already have a lot of suppliers, many based in UK and France, and they are basically the ones mentioned in that post. I live in Italy and there are no suppliers here, everything within the EU is good because there's no fee to pay. This site has iso e super as an example, which is listed at a good price, and that cannot be "fragrance" of course. I just wanted to know if somebody had already done business with them.
    Sebastiano - Organic Chemist

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    I looked at Plush Folly some time ago but didn't find any of the ingredients they sell tempting enough to try them out. If you are after Iso E Super I can sell it for less than they do depending on quantities.
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    Default Re: new supplier?

    I bought some ISO E from them before I found it for a much better price elsewhere. They sent me a free sample of their sandalwood fragrance oil. It didn't smell much like sandalwood, and as an experiment I added a couple of ml to the conditioner cycle when I was washing an old work coat. It works quite well as a functional fragrance, provided you a: like to fill an entire room with the smell of your coat, and b: would like that to happen for days after.

    Here's part of the MSDS:

    Amyl Salicylate 1-5%

    (L) citronellol 1-5%

    (L) coumarin 1-5%

    (L) eugenol 1-5%

    GALAXOLIDE 50 5-25%

    (L) hexyl cinnamic aldehyde 1-5%

    (L) p-tert-butyl-alpha-methylhydrocinnam 1-5%


    Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol 1-5%


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    Default Re: new supplier?

    I know of plush folly because they supply ingredients to lotion and soap makers but their ingredients are expensive and limited so I have never bought from them.

    Looking at their website the owner now runs perfume classes (has written a book on it) - she uses her fragrance oils to make the perfume!!

    Otocione - you are probably better off ordering from

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    Ok guys thanks, obviously I know de hekserij and all the others, and I already have my Iso E Super, I just wanted to know your opinion on this, I'm always after new suppliers to obtain lower prices and shipment fees.
    Sebastiano - Organic Chemist

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    I make soap & skincare products, and I've ordered from plush folly once or twice in the past, but only because they sold a particular packaging item that I couldn't get elsewhere. Good service but they're overpriced, & ingredients are only available in very small quantities. You can find the things they sell at a much better price elsewhere, eg I think the perfume alcohol they sell is the same stuff as you can get from Mistral. I haven't tried any of their EOs etc, although I did buy some Iso E super from them as I couldn't find anywhere else selling it in the UK at the time.

    I bought the owner's perfume making book - as itunu says it's all about blending fragrance oils. So not very helpful as I learned to do that myself anyway when making soap, and it's not the way I want to make perfume, I'm trying to learn about proper techniques and how to create fragrances myself!

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    Default Re: new supplier?

    These guys sell excellent stuff inc. iso :-

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