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    Default Layering leather

    No, there are no Anastasia's and Christians in this story. Play nicely. As one who has worn the Bal since 1978 I am always interested in floral leathers, but I live as far into the Southern Oceans as it is possible to be without actually being an albatross, and I don't get access to the perfume testers that all the BN's do.
    Today I layered my BAV with some Cuir Amethyste. What I was hoping for was to re-introduce that sharp oakmoss that provided a descant in the original BAV. By gum, I might have got close. Is it the violet note? Suggestions anyone?
    Also, I have never purchased Kelly Caleche but I will get it this year. Suggestions as to whether I will like it?
    I am pushing sixty but I wear my hair long, still love clothes, shoes and....perfume.

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    Default Re: Layering leather

    Violet and leather can be quite fun (Jolie madame vintage?). Which makes me think. How about BaV plus a tiny dose of Grey Flannel? Of course, never tried...


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    Grey Flannel, sharp and biting. I buy it sometimes for my boys. Hmmm. My husband has a bottle of Devin (Aramis Devin) somewhere. The mind boggles

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