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    Red face Amazing longevity from scent plus cotton wool!

    My dry, white skin eats perfume so I've been experimenting for some time now with spraying or dabbing scents on to cotton wool, then tucking it into my bra. So far, the results have been incredible - some frags last forever this way!

    The results I have so far include:- N'Aimez Que Moi, Rose (Caron), Or et Noir, Shem el Nessim, Amouage Lyric Woman - all these last for more than a week, some for at least one month! I keep the cotton wool pads in my undies drawer or under my pillow at night for sweet dreams.

    Some last much less than I would have expected, though:- Paris (YSL), Samsara, Parfum Sacree, Red Roses give me just 1-3 days, and then they're gone.

    In between, Bulgari Rose Essentielle lasts 4-6 days.

    And Youth Dew (Bath Oil) just goes on for ever! A pad I sprayed before Christmas is still scenting my wardrobe!

    Have others experimented this way? What have you found?

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    Default Re: Amazing longevity from scent plus cotton wool!

    I have long done that—one warning, beware Sarrasins which stains like mad!—not just for longevity, but also because it keeps the top notes alive, especially when aldehydes are involved.
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    Default Re: Amazing longevity from scent plus cotton wool!

    Thanks for the warning, jujy54. I did know some perfumes stain, but not which ones. I have been very surprised at which scents lasted, and which didn't. It seems the top quality frags do have better longevity on the whole, but then, Bulgari Rose Essentielle, which isn't cheap, did not do as well as some others, and nor did Paris, which is also not cheap these days - at least, not for my budget!
    And yes, I do notice the top notes lasting longer, and that's a real plus. I'm surprised it's not a more popular method, but the perfume companies may not want us to know about it!

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