What would happen if you took Joop! Homme, which I love, removed the sweet cinnamon and pumped up the screechy synthetic heliotrope and jasmine florals, well Individuel is your answer. Unhappy with a superior original, Pierre Bourdon decided to do his take on Michel Almairac's sweet masculine floral, take everything pleasant about it and turn it into the gourmand equivalent of Chrome; a metallic synthetic mess of a fragrance that, frankly, smells like paint thinner and floor wax. Like nails on a chalkboard astringent floral aroma chemicals assault your nose in this headache inducing mess. Is hard to make a fragrance with absolutely no redeeming virtues, but Mont Blanc has done it, bravo!

I haven't had my nose under original Santal, but if that's what this allegedly smells like count me out. If you're new to fragrance and you're wondering what people mean when they say something smells synthetic; get your nose under Individuel, it's the definition of it. This stuff is nauseating and unfortunately has incredible longevity (or perhaps half-life is a better way of referring to it) and sillage. It's vile and the public shouldn't be exposed to it without warning. Stick with Joop! Homme, it's what this fragrance aspires to be.