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    Default Bridge notes

    I know that perfume consists of top, heart and base notes.
    But, what is a bridge note? How does it work?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Unfortunately a lot of terms used in perfumery are flexible - so they don't always mean the same things - bridge note is a term used by some people to mean what I would call a middle note, also called by some a heart note or even (confusingly) a modifier (to me a modifier is something else entirely).

    I would use the term 'bridge note' to mean something which successfully integrates other kinds of note, so for example you could describe petitgrain or dihydromyrcenol (both middle notes) as bridges between citrus and woods, because they have aspects of both and help to marry them together; or neroli (a top note) as a bridge between citrus and floral; or iriswood (a base note) as a bridge between violet / orris notes and woody notes.

    Does that help?
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    Default Re: Bridge notes

    Or to build on Chris' comments, a bridge note is a "hole-filler".

    Sometimes I smell the work of inexperienced perfumers that smells disjointed, not coherent, and the like, and they have holes in their frags that need bridge notes to be go-betweens that fill up them gaping holes...
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    Yea, i understand that better now. Thanks.. this word was just popping up everywhere and driving me confused and stuff.

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