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    Default Bizarre Mixture - Odd Result

    I was convinced that a friend of mine had gone out and bought some Aventus as he seemed to be radiating it the other day. Turns out that it wasnt Aventus at all, he had put Black XS L'Exces on over Lynx (Axe) Instinct shower gel! On closer inspection you can clearly tell, but a passing whiff raised my eyebrow.

    I must add the caveat that I have far from the most analytical nose.

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    Default Re: Bizarre Mixture - Odd Result

    I would rather by Aventus. Or, at least Fresco if I was on a budget.
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    Default Re: Bizarre Mixture - Odd Result

    I like Black XS L'Exces - but by itself.

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    Default Re: Bizarre Mixture - Odd Result

    I have Aventus and Black XS L'Excess. Both have a strong pineapple note, but otherwise no comparison - even if you use a shower gel to add a little something to it. The pineapple note is quite different to me.

    I bought Black XS L'Excess blind - and wore it once. The pineapple in that was so cloying to me it had to scrub it off within 30 minutes. The bottle hasn't been touched since and probably never will be. Aventus on the other hand, gets used at least once / month - which is far more than anything else in my collection.

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