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    Default Do you like soap?

    I love soapy scents, especially Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme and Jaques Bogart Signature 1975, that old school clean masculine soap.

    But what notes are responsible for that soapy smell, and why did soap come to smell the way it does, what are the notes of the original "archetype" soap?

    What's your favorite? Do you like the sharper clean soap or the softer powdery soap?
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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I'm no expert, but usually soap is associated either with aldehydes (which give the initial fizzy oomph, like in Chanel no 5) or to "white" musks, the clean, warm scent typical of laundry soaps and detergents. The use of white musks in laundry or soaps is because they are very resistant and so survive hot water and the cleaning process better than most other substances (like many floral scents, which would be destroyed by the heat).


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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Personally don't mind the soapy smell in fragrances.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Like a few soapy frags. Especially in the summer.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Normally, I do not like it in a fragrance. There are a few that I like that have a slight soapy vibe, but I generally don't like it.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I don't mind soapy, but I do not like floral soapy.
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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I love the soapy ones... like my VC&A PH (a very masculine, high class soap scent), Prada Amber (a sweet soapiness) and Sung Homme (like Green Irish Spring soap).
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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Soap lover here. Perhaps that's why I enjoy the aldehydic fragrances and old school stuff. Another very soapy one to try is Prada's Infusion d'Homme.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Prada amber pour homme is a nice soapy frag.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    Guy Laroche Horizon is my favorite soapy fragrance.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I love the soapy scents.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I don't like soapy perfumes - and neither does my wife. In fact, I should say: I don't need soapy scents. I really prefer to buy/use a nice soap, crafted, luxury or traditional, if I want to smell clean!
    That being said, I have in my collection some frags in which I detect sometimes a tiny soapy vibe.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    I can appreciate and love soapy scents. I miss Gucci Nobile, like mugler cologne, and love OV
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    Thumbs up Re: Do you like soap?

    I love powdery, soft and rich soapy scents. SMN Melograno is one fantastic fragrance in this category. Trumper's Spanish Leather is another one I enjoy. I dislike sharp & soapy in general.

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    Default Re: Do you like soap?

    There are many kinds of soap, and many ways to wear a soapy fragrance. Usually, a very light, walk-through-the mist application will keep chokiness at bay. Soap is a pleasant smell when you have just stepped out of the shower, but holding the bar of soap too close to your nose (or eating a chunk of it!) might make you choke or sneeze. So keep it light! One of my favorites is Prada Amber PH. A light application brings out the sweetness, candied violets, purple Necco wafers. The soapiness is relegated to the background, keeping it all going for a long time. For a longer day, I might put a somewhat heavier spray on a trouser cuff or other distant spot.

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