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    Default Cloon Keen Atelier

    I want to try these, or even blind buy!!!!! Where are the basenoters out there that have access to these?????
    Im the be$t @ thi$

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Check Ebay or Amazon. You may find it there.

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    I found one sample on eBay... Geez this stuff is hard to find
    Im the be$t @ thi$

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Quote Originally Posted by megatropolis View Post
    I found one sample on eBay... Geez this stuff is hard to find
    Better than nothing.

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Galway Girl is fond of this line.

    for swap/sale:

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    you can get samples and/or full bottles from Les Senteurs...

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    I have Terre de L'Encens. It's great. I was introduced to the line by galwaygirl001. It's a dry incense, not floral with a good contemporary vibe. There are some reviews posted. It's nice to be able to support such a small, independent house. I would just like Terre de L'Encens to be a little more tenacious. Galwaygirl001 and I are trying to get a sample share off the ground but we are having to think about the new posting restrictions before we get started.
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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Thanks do they ship to the states???
    Im the be$t @ thi$

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    I don't know with the recent restrictions regarding mailing Perfumes. Why not take a look at their website? They have a candle called "Antique Library" that I would like to try. I am honestly really sorry that I can't help. If it wasn't for this mailing problem there would be a decant of Terre De L'Encens coming to you right now. Lets hope something will change soon.

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    Hi there megatropolis!

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    Galway Girl is fond of this line.
    Hedonist is right I am a fan of cloon keen atelier!

    I am from Galway Ireland about a half hour drive from the store. I think cloon keen will soon be giving frederic malle a run for his money!

    Cloon keen are not doing samples yet. Les scenteurs have samples, but they are not posting internationally right now because of the recent changes to postage restrictions. They have this notice on their site : 'At present, we are unable to fulfill orders to addresses outside of the UK due changes international shipping regulations. We are currently trying to find a courier for non-UK addresses. Please accept our apologies'.

    Foustie & I had intended to do a sample share with US basenoters and other basenoters from outside uk & ireland who cannot access samples and then this stupid postal restriction came in. It was always an issue but didn't seem to be enforced until this year. Waiting a bit to see if it resolves itself. Basenoters may have to set up an international fragrances sample smuggling trade

    Castana is a modern floral vetiver with tonka, lune de givre is an invigorating angelica fragrance, bataille de fleurs is based around mimosa & terre de l'encens is a iris & peppery citrusy frankincense. They all have their own unique twist though and they are all unisex.

    I also LOVE their antique library candle - I have several around the house & I keep begging them to make a perfume version! I've had male & female friends ask me 'where can I buy that candle?'. I can smell the fragrance even without lighting the candle.

    Here are the links to previous cloon keen threads:
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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    I been emailing all day trying to find somebody to send me this stuff. It's driving me crazy.
    Im the be$t @ thi$

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Do update us on your thoughts on this line when you have tried them.

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Thank you galwaygirl001 I received a sample of Terre de L'Encens today, first impression this is very good. Day 1, top notes have incense, citrus and woods. I feel the actual scent is between Terre d'Hermes and Voyage d'Hermes. This one is softer, due to iris and incense. It has a pine note in there, I smell a very sheer amber in the base. I also get a dose of pepper. This is like a female counterpart to the masculine Hermes fragrances. Very JCE....but not!! I love love love. This is just day one.
    Im the be$t @ thi$

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    Default Re: Cloon Keen Atelier

    Hiya! Saw your plea in Google. I have a 1 ml carded sample of each: CKA EDP's Castana, and Terre de L'Encens. Direct from Galway to les senteurs. Purchased around summer/fall 2012. Never opened. I had them listed in my Ebay store for awhile, although no takers. Are you still interested?
    Please email me @
    Have a day and a half!

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