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    Default International Online Shoppers

    I am wondering if anyone here can suggest an online shipment for international shoppers? I like to buy online, especially on sale items; but my problem is how I am going to ship it. My friend suggested that I should try Anyone here who has heard or try this? Or can you recommend me a trusted cargo forwarder online that you know of?

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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    The online seller , whether a shop or a person, has to mail it to you.
    They'll usually use the local postal services but sometimes will use a courier if you opt for it.

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    To the best of my knowledge, perfume cannot be shipped internationally. I have tried to send perfume between the US and France, and was told that is not possible because perfume is alcohol; and even ordering from one country and requesting delivery to another isn't permitted. I can bring it in my suitcase on a plane . . . but not ship it. Not sure why.

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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    There are huge problems in this area & a number of other threads concerning various countries.
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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    I know a lot about parcel bound i been using their service since i enter the business in retailing, it saves me more money.

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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    I tried once to ship perfume internationally, and I used courier services to ship it. The courier was delivered to the person, though it is bit costly than local postal services but it is safe. You can also try courier services.

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    Default Re: International Online Shoppers

    Its upto the company that you are gonna use for buying your stuff after that its their decision what service they are gonna use for the sake of delivering your stuff to you.So yeah all you can do is wait but yeah prefer buying on the web that is good at service and they work responsibly.

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