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    Default Why do some scents last longer?

    I noticed that some scents last all day while some last just hours, if that.
    Why is that? For instance, I have some Demeter fragrances here that smell strong when first applied but very quickly dissipate.

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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    Variety of Concentration and ingredients are important factors.

    The higher concentrated the scent, the longer it lasts, but there are some exception. I have Santa Maria Novella's Acqua di Cuba which is an Eau de Cologne, but it last longer that most Eau de Toilett I have.

    Furthermore, Synthetic ingredients last longer than natural one. Some ingredients born with ability to last forever like Oud, while some might disappear with just a blink of an eyes like the citrus.
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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    Thank you Wit,
    Do you feel that the lasting power of a scent is relative to it's price? That perhaps the finer perfumes and colognes have more concentration also?

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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    Concentration of frag, Skin of frag being applied to and amount of sprays applied. Let's not forget the actual frag being applied.

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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    Also whether your skin soaks it up or not after applying.

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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    As others said, different molecules evaporate at different speeds. Some evaporate really slowly, some extremely quickly. For instance, fresher smelling molecules, on average, tend to evaporate very fast. Citruses are gone in no time. At the other end, musks, leathers, patchouli are very long lasting.

    Higher price often means higher concentration and better ingredients, but not necessarily. And Demeter is known to have very fleeting frags. Which is part of the point of the brand: they create quirky scents, but who would want to smell like that for more than 5 minutes?


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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    That's a good question. Other than the fact that some ingredients are more volatile than others (e.g., citrus), and the concentration of perfume oil or essence used in a composition affects fragrance longevity, skin types seem to factor in. My skin tends to be drier in winter but lately it has been holding on to even light fragrances for a long time. The scent is faint, but I can still detect it. So I wonder, too. I believe hormone levels are also a factor, both in fragrance perception and skin "chemistry", which supposedly is a myth. Another thought: indoor heating and air conditioning affect skin's ability to hold scent. Do you take hot showers frequently? That will strip your skin of natural oils that hold fragrance. Lots of reasons.

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    Default Re: Why do some scents last longer?

    Another aspect is chemicals.

    ISO E Super continues to radiate long after the perfume is finished.
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