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    Lightbulb Paris olfactory discovery tour questions

    Not originally from France, but from the northern neighbour Belgium, I moved to Paris a couple of months ago. I was drawn to the city mainly by love, but in the second place because of it's overwhelming choice of perfumes.

    Now that I have discovered so many of them, I know that in the first few weeks I didn't know where to look first. I'm sure that anyone who already went to Paris has had the same feeling. And because most people also want some time to discover some other things the city has to offer, you go home again with less perfume discoveries than you wanted.

    So here's the idea. I want to make a personalized tour for anyone coming to Paris and wanting to discover perfumes that are both original and fit well to a person. The benefit would be that you get a better guidance and discover more in a shorter amount of time.

    It would almost be like if you had a personal shopper with you but for perfumes in particular. Some other benefits would be that you'd also get a pile of samples for testing later at home so you can decide on what you really like and what to buy.

    Now here are a few of my questions: if you would go to Paris, would you be interested in this kind of personal shopping? What other things would you like to be part of the tour?

    Thanks all for the feedback!

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    Default Re: Paris olfactory discovery tour questions

    Start on Rue Saint Honore.

    A few blocks South East of Place Vendome. Theres Serge Lutens at Palais Royal, Colette, Maison Francis K, Frederic Malle, Guerlain, Annick Goutal and JAR. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, thankfully Montale is no longer there , Jovoy, Commes des Garcon and Hermes.
    Then head north towards Galeries Lafayette & Printemps.
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    Default Re: Paris olfactory discovery tour questions

    Thanks a lot hedonist222! I was already planning on using that quartier in paris since it is really the richest and diverse in all the perfume shops available. Even a few days ago I visited the comme des garcons shop to buy me something new there

    On the Montale website they say that they will open a parisian shop soon, but no more information is given.

    Keep the tips and opinions coming!

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    Default Re: Paris olfactory discovery tour questions

    hello cumdesgarçons !

    We often plan with other perfumistas some olfactory tours in Paris
    You can join us if you want !
    Also here is a genius (in french) site in which you can find some ideas
    (I can't post URL so you can "google" the name : auparfum)

    Don't forget IUNX in this quartier.

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