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    Default Coromandel and LiDGE

    Any similarities to these two fragrances? By the looks of it they have similar notes with the citrus in the opening, jasmine, and a cocoa/chocolate dry down. I just purchased LIDGE a few days ago, but I was just curious if there was any similarities for future reference.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    Not to me.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    Not similar at all IMO. Though they share some chocolate and patchouli in the ingredient list, they give off a totally different scent when put together. Both are excellent.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    own LIDGE and got a sample of Coromandel when purchasing Sycomore. So have sampled these together, one on each hand.

    IMO they have a lot in common, the patchouli / cocoa notes are in both, but LIDGE some citrus on top, and Coromandel has more of a classic Chanel floral backing.

    Both wonderful, and would have a place in any collection, but I'm happy with only LIDGE for the time being.

    To be honest if I was going to get another patchouli/chocolate frag it would be Borneo 1834. Had a sample I this and loved it. Like being lost in a dank, dark & humid jungle... In other words wonderful. Same nose as Coromandel - Christopher Sheldrake.

    My scentoscale:

    (Dank Patchouli) > Borneo 1834 - LIDGE - Coromandel < (Soft Cocoa)
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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    Both awesome. Have both of them in my collection and wear them a lot in winter.
    And LOVE 'em both. Loads of compliments as well...

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    None at all.
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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    Have them both, love them both, but they are not similar at all.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    None for me either.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    Not even a little. Well, I suppose Lidge can be powdery like Coromandel, but that's about it.

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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    They'r very different.

    I assure you there is not citrus opening in Coromandel nor any jasmine.
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    Default Re: Coromandel and LiDGE

    2 different scent, each has their own unique character
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