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Thread: Jour d'Hermes

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    Default Jour d'Hermes

    The packaging is beautiful - white box with the gracious imprint.

    Voyage d'Hermes aesthetically was nice to smell, however it is unwearable unless you want to smell like hard chemical laundry cleaner.

    Jour d'Hermes smells synthetic. Soft and shy white flowers with a synthetic Hermes perfumes' base.
    Totally irrelevant and very weak (sillage, staying power) scent. If somebody would like to smell of transparent white flowers, would better choose a real thing - Chanel Beige.

    Hermes should invest more money into formula, not the packaging and bottle.
    One can not prove the beauty, but show it. You see it or you don't.

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    My wife didn't care much for this one when she tried it.

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    Neither did I - nice evolvement experience, longevity a problem for me, def. artificial.

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    I have to disagree with you guys, it's not a masterpiece but I liked it. A sort of a modern aldehydic floral, withought the aldehydes of course. I liked the floral bouquet, somewhat remiscent of Vanille Galante, the way it is rich but very light and clean, a modern take on white flowers for commercial perfumery.
    Its fresh and bright great for spring summer, and I dont find it synthetic smelling at all. A nice fragrance made for the 20 something up-scale commercial market.

    I have to say that its much better the most designer releases these days...

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    I agree with Smelly Beast; I find this to be a very amiable perfume. It smells cheerful, radiant, somewhat like rich sunlight, not to be overly poetic about it. I don't find it to be overly synthetic and certainly not banal. It would be a lovely women's floral for spring and summer.

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    It's definitely "green". I found it quite polarizing; one minute I loved it & the next I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. It will be someone's "holy grail".....just not mine.
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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    Its an excellent, filler.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    Interesting since Jean Claude Ellena has been very vocal about his hated of 'detergent' like aromachemicals.

    I still haven't smelled this yet...
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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    Haven't tried it.
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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    My daughter's birthday is in a couple weeks, so I took the opportunity to test this out yesterday. Based on just a test strip, I gotta agree (partially) with Dreamer. It's a pleasant enough scent, but quite weak. The bottle, however, is absolutely outstanding.
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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    I tried this today at Bloomingdale's. The top is a zingy, tart lime with white flowers and some green, pleasant and invigorating. Very white and very sour, but ok for what it is. Unfortunately, within a minute, on my skin it turns into an uninspiring clean, somewhat sour, laundry musk, which doesn't last too long anyway (I hear a report of 9 hour - I must be anosmic to whatever musk is used here-or my skin just eats it). Uninspiring, but then, not that we've come to expect much from mainstream releases. At least, there's no obvious linden (as in the recent oscar de la renta white thing).


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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    The dry down did not work for me. A friend who works in a UK department store had pre release orders for bottles of it.

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    Default Re: Jour d'Hermes

    Irina kindly posted this in another thread

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